The Most Hated Companies

Pay TV companies make their customers curse more than any other
‘Call analytics firm Marchex has done an exhaustive study detailing which companies’ customers are most likely to curse them out over the telephone and has found that satellite TV and cable TV providers rank first and third among all industries, respectively.

Earlier this year, we released a state-by-state study looking at where consumers were most likely to flip out and curse when on the phone with a business, and we found that consumers from Ohio colorfully earned that distinction…’
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Roman Baths Aquae Sulis   9Melting ancient metal sparks feud between archaeologists and physicists
Ancient Roman Metal Used for Physics Experiments Ignites Science Feud
‘Archaeologists and physicists are at loggerheads over ancient Roman lead—a substance highly prized by both camps for sharply diverging reasons. Very old lead is pure, dense and much less radioactive than the newly mined metal, so it is ideal for shielding sensitive experiments that hunt for dark matter and other rare particles. But it is also has historical significance, and many archaeologists object to melting down 2,000-year-old Roman ingots that are powerful windows on ancient history…’

Instant Karma
Man Tries To Throw Wife Off Bridge, Instead Falls Himself
‘At about 2:25 p.m. Friday, McClinton was driving east on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge with his wife of eight years when the two started arguing. When the argument turned south, so did McClinton. He allegedly drove his car off the road in an attempt to crash it into the water, but he hit a barrier.

‘That’s when police say he grabbed his wife, pulled her out of the car and tried to throw her off the bridge. Several hero motorists who witnessed the incident barely saved the woman by grabbing her legs before she plummeted 15 feet into the water below.

‘Instead, McClinton fell, prompting a U.S. Coast Guard rescue operation…’

Line app raises $500,000 for Philippines typhoon victims by selling ‘charitable’ stickers
Here’s an interesting twist on tech company charity donations. Asian messaging company Line has revealed that sales of its ‘Pray for the Philippines’ sticker collection, created to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan, have crossed $500,000 in a month.

The “Pray for the Philippines” stickers have been on sale since November 15 to raise money for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Thanks to the amazing response of people all over the world, we have raised 57,401,960 Yen as of December 15. This figure represents the total sticker sales after deducting Google and Apple’s transaction fees.

Flyers who don’t like calls while in flight should be warned they should boycott British Airways. BA allows callers from take-off to landing.


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