Why Recruiters Must Consider Bloggers

Blog of the day once againBlogging is the new resume
‘Blogging is an effective way to illustrate expertise, personality, and most importantly, thought process. The way product managers, UX designers, and other “non-technical” roles think, communicates their ability and culture fit. Resumes lack this entirely.
Blogging opens doors

‘A year ago I started actively blogging, writing one to three essays each week. I write for fun. I write to learn. I write about startups, product design, user experience, psychology, and other topics I’m passionate about. The research and introspective thinking that goes into blogging, hones my expertise in these topics, and the more I write, the better I write…’

Free Software Foundation Endorses Its First Laptop
‘The press release says, “This is the first laptop the FSF has been able to endorse and encourage people to purchase, because it this is the first laptop sold with a completely free boot system and OS pre-installed…In addition to the FSF’s endorsement of this laptop, by awarding use of the Respects Your Freedom certification mark on this product, it means that the sellers have committed to ensuring all software and documentation is freely licensed, that multimedia shipped on the device will be unencumbered by proprietary formats, and that none of the software is known to contain backdoors or be designed to share users information without their knowledge (e.g. spyware).”…’

The Best Smartphones & Tablets Of 2013
‘While some of the gimmicks are useful (the iPhone 5S Touch ID fingerprint sensor or the Moto X’s X8 voice-control system), many of them are not. So If you bought a new tablet or smartphone, you probably got a lot of bang for your buck—and maybe a little disappointment. All that makes any “best of” list an especially subjective exercise this year…’
top choices

A US bank account, made to be used on a mobile phone, with no overdraft fees. Design a custom Visa Debit Card for your GoBank account. Make it personal using your own photo – even one from Facebook. Scan and deposit checks in an instant using the mobile app, and access a network of more than 40,000 free ATMs. Pay rent, any bill or even a friend with the Online Checkbook.

Designing Women


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