How to Avoid GPS Tracking


iPhone+GPS (Photo credit: Clemson)

Fake GPS
‘You write down the fake route in advance or just draw it on the map. Then disable tracker and start to transmit data using our software instead. Traffic controller will be absolutely sure that you are moving or standing still (it depends on your aims), while you can actually be in a completely different place.

‘Software service “Fake GPS” supports any monitoring service and a variety of different models of trackers. All you need to know is IMEI of your tracker and which server it is configured for monitoring…’
How to start

The Brownout-proof Smart Bulb
Smartcharge lightbulb keeps the lights on when the power goes out
‘When the lights go out due to a power outage at night, you’ll probably have to spend the next few minutes fumbling around in the dark hoping to lay your hands on a nearby torch or trying to remember where you put the candles and matches. If only the lights could stay on for a while after the power was cut. The SmartCharge LED bulb has been developed with the simple aim of ensuring that users are never left in the dark again. It includes technology that’s able to determine whether someone has just turned off the light at the switch, or there’s been an actual power failure. If the latter, the bulb will provide users with hours of continuous light …’

Another smartphone camera spy app
James Bond will love this
Snooperscope adds night vision to smartphone cameras
‘This isn’t the first time we’ve seen night vision for smartphones, as we’ve already covered the USNV Night Vision iPhone Adapter. The big difference between that and this new product is the size and the way it affixes itself to the mobile device. Snooperscope uses magnets to grip the back of the phone, and as such, it easy to remove…’

An online canvas that lets you communicate using a webcam or a mic. Just click record and you’re ready to go. Pixiclip is your message in motion!


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