A Billion-dollar Climate Denial Network

desmog-Marc-Morano-climate-denialThe Dangers Of A Righteous Mob on the Net

‘Shaming and criticism on the internet is nothing new; but the intensity of internet “mobs” and the severity of collective punishment is taking a disturbing direction. We can look at the examples of “human-flesh search engines” in China to see what can go wrong when masses on the internet decide to administer justice based on their moral beliefs.

‘In a way, is this not just a lighter, more controlled, safer version of the ugliness that led to crowdsourced investigations following the Boston bombing? Is the fact that other Twitter users made threats to harm and kill her now just an expected part of “internet justice” that we should ignore?…’

If these groups are spending a billion of dollars just to deny climate change, it follows that what they would get in return would be bigger doesn’t it?
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Stupid Networkers Keep on Self-destruction
Attention addicts — that’s what I call them and whom I avoid like plagues. Besides Justine Sacco who was their latest star (see her dumb tweet below),

Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!
— Justine Sacco (@JustineSacco) December 20, 2013

there were 19 Facebook posts reported by HuffingtonPost that caused actual arrests as of May 2011. The luckier ones only lost their jobs but not all were fired lawfully. See some cases here

Social Media Mixology
Which Networks to Mix and Use Together
Of the 6 mixtures, I use the last four
‘Here at Mashable, we preach the importance of knowing your social networks. Different sites have different audiences, favor different types of content and require different kinds of humor. But like a fashionista pairing spots with stripes, sometimes a little mixing and matching with your networks can give you an edge…’

A World Without Free Press [Video]
‘The ultimate Christmas gift would be a lift on censorship around the world; but until that day comes, journalists and political bloggers want to denounce the violation on the freedom of information through a new campaign called “Great People.”

‘Made possible by the collaboration of Reporters Without Borders and the agency BETC, this ironic spectacle reveals a different side of the world’s political leaders, and how their acts of kindness appear to be genuine and virtuous.

‘The main purpose of this campaign is to depict what the world of news would look like if independent journalism ceased to exist. More than likely, we would have a one-sided story, and a blindfold over our eyes…’
great people


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