The Scariest Robot Tool

rawstory-human-robot-competition-ShutterstockI would rather die from a robot’s gun than be squeezed to death by a robot’s arm
Scientists create new robotic Terminator-style muscle 1,000 times stronger than humans
‘The team of researchers at the University of California-Berkeley found that vanadium dioxide changes from an insulator to a conductive metal at about 152 degrees, which produced a huge amount of strength during the transition.

‘The scientists used the material to demonstrate a microchip-sized, twisting robotic motor that could catapult objects 50 times heavier than itself over a distance five times longer than itself faster than the blink of an eye – within 60 milliseconds…’

Getting a Psycho for a Bride Could be More Dangerous
Woman Stabs Fiance Over Wedding Colors
‘Sgt. Curtis Wilson with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department said deputies responded to a home in the 100 block of Twin Pond Road around 8:30 p.m. near Blythewood and found the man had been stabbed in the upper body.

‘Richland County deputies were able to determine that a verbal altercation occurred between the couple over the wedding color scheme, Wilson said.

‘Wilson said the man tried to leave the home and that’s when 34-year-old Krysta James stabbed the victim…’

Untranslatable Emotions in Languages Other Than English

Time to Change Chess Rules?
The problem with the current rules is that it makes memorization (of strategies) — playing by bookline — the prime advantage
‘Chess 1 was a big hit, no question there, but a few issues have cropped up over the years. First, the original game ends in a draw uncomfortably often. Second, memorization (rather than on-the-spot intuition) ended up being much more important than the original developers intended. Even top players such as Fischer and Capablanca complained about this. Third, because it has no hidden information, the ability to capitalize on reading your opponent is more limited than it could be. And finally, the first version offered only a single army and one matchup.

‘Chess 2 addresses each of those concerns. (And the rules pdf is here.) A new win condition (in addition to the old one) allows a victory if your king crosses the midline of the board. This practically eliminates draws, and it also cuts down on having to walk through book-solved endgame situations, and eliminates the need to concede far before the game really ends. In Chess 2, there’s action right up until the end, and the end is unlikely to be a draw…’


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