The Year of Viral Media Hoaxes

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Are you guilty of abetting viral media hoaxes?
Have you created ‘a perfect microcosm of the way the Internet works’ now?
“The faster metabolism puts people who fact-check at a disadvantage,” Grim said.

‘The media has long had its struggles with the truth—that’s nothing new. What is new is that we’re barely even apologizing for increasingly considering the truth optional. In fact, the mistakes, and the falsehoods, and the hoaxes are a big part of a business plan driven by the belief that big traffic absolves all sins, that success is a primary virtue. Haste and confusion aren’t bugs in the coding anymore, they’re features. Consider what Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief for the Huffington Post, told The New York Times in its recent piece on a raft of hoaxes, including Gale’s kerfuffle, a child’s letter to Santa that included a handwritten Amazon URL, and a woman who wrote about her fictitious poverty so effectively that she pulled in some $60,000 in online donations…’


What are the Most Important Stories Of The Year?
‘”It used to be called trending but now it’s so fast there’s got to be a new word,” says Pat Gill, who teaches media studies at the University of Illinois. “‘That’s so five minutes ago’ — that was a funny line in Clueless, but now it’s true.”

‘Until recently, it was Marina Shifrin’s job at Taiwan-based Next Media Animation to find stories that could stand out among all the noise. The need to be “” caused her to quit this fall, which she did that went viral.

“‘After a while, it’s just kind of mind-boggling,” Shifrin says. “You take a look at what you’re doing every day, and your bosses are telling you that you need to have stories about boobs and teachers having affairs.”…’

Person with Physical Proof Created
It’s not an avatar!
How artist Curtis Wallen used the Deep Web to create a person who does not exist
‘Curtis Wallen is a Brooklyn-based photographer and visual artist. But, since January 2013, Wallen has been using the Deep Web to systematically create Aaron Brown, a person that doesn’t actually exist. Using Tor, Bitcoin, and various other methods, Wallen was able to procure a State of Ohio driver’s license, a boating permit, State Farm insurance card, Comcast cable bill (for proof of address), and a certified membership card for the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.

‘“At the end of it all, I was left with a small pile of documents I could use to reasonably convince someone this new person was real,” writes Wallen in a blog post. “I had the physical proof of a person with an entirely digital genesis.”…’

What would you do if you suddenly find your cloud files are shielded by U.S. laws?
NSA Win Leaves Security of Cell, Cloud Data Uncertain
‘The decision of a New York judge that the wholesale collection of cell-phone metadata by the National Security Agency is constitutional ties the score between pro- and anti-NSA forces at one victory apiece.

‘The contradictory decisions use similar reasoning and criteria to come to opposite conclusions, leaving both individuals and corporations uncertain of whether their phone calls, online activity or even data stored in the cloud will ultimately be shielded by U.S. laws protecting property, privacy or search and seizure by law-enforcement agencies…’


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