Instant Gratification and Tech

What you want and what you need aren't always ...
Avoiding instant gratification is wise. It means you have self-control. Now instant gratification is another downside to Tech
How Tech Is Driving The Business Of Instant Gratification
‘Now—if you’re in the right places—you can get anything delivered to their doorstep simply by using an app.

‘Instant gratification can’t come soon enough. In 2013, the runaway success of Uber, the service that lets you call a car by tapping your smartphone, has gotten consumers, retailers, and investors thinking about a world where just about any good or service is available on demand. Increasingly, in urban areas, that thought is becoming a reality…’

The Secret Powers of Time and Technology
‘Time is running out for 2013, and if you’re watching time, it’s already 2014 in Australia. But what does that mean really? For most of the time in our lives we are looking at time, but it’s hardly something we examine except for the days around New Year. We count time, we change time, and we are trying to get more of it because it’s never enough despite all of our gadgets and devices.

‘While we may fool ourselves into thinking that technology will help achieve more and accomplish more things in the new year, it may be a good time to examining the use of technology and our perspective on time. To get us started in the discussion, this great lecture from RSAnimate, featuring Professor of Psychology, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University…’

Eric Helgeson vs His ISP: He Won
‘This practice can’t be viewed as legitimate affiliate traffic for the retailers! I could contact them directly and see if they’d take action.

‘I contacted two major retailers affiliate programs and gave them the logs and a description of what happened. They quickly responded and indicated they’d take action right away.

‘I can confirm as of last week that from the top 1000 Alexa list, no DNS record are being hijacked anymore![2]

‘If you are a retailer or have an affiliate program An easy way to find out if you’re being taken advantage of in the same way is if you see a Referrer header with in it…’

‘I sent them a response on Dec 10th 2013…’


People Made Famous by the Internet in 2013
‘Though not always for positive reasons, viral sensations can happen overnight, whether you intended to be noticed or not. In 2013, we learned that nothing is completely concealable — whether that’s a SnapChat or government documents. Put anything online, and it’s instantly a contender for the Internet to chew up and spit out. Pop culture continued to merge with web culture, making an audience for potential Internet stars that’s stronger and larger than ever…’
the list


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