Experiment Supports Theory of Pyramid Building

mashable-acoustic-levitation-2Example article:
Levitation Of Heavy Stone Blocks For The Pyramids
‘Astonishing as the idea is of the ancient Egyptians using levitation of large stones, it may have happened. The ancient pyramid may have been built by sonic levitation.’ (continued below)

Levitation and the Power of Sound
‘Acoustic levitation, a method of using sound waves to suspend small particles, is one of coolest phenomenons in science.

‘Japanese scientists Yoichi Ochiai, Jun Rekimoto and Takayuki Hoshi have released footage of their new series of acoustic levitation experiments that demonstrate the power of noise.

‘The clip provides a quick and simple overview of the team’s work before getting into some mind-bending levitation experiments with small items like nails, bolts, wood pieces and even drops of liquid. It’s a neat look at a wonder that fascinates both scientists and geeks alike…’

‘Did a man named Leedskalnin at an ediface called Coral Castle discover the secret of the Egyptians pyramid and anti gravity?

‘Did he find the secret to levitation and of Egyptian pyramid bulding? Mentioned in ancient documents, we do not seem to know how great stones were levitated. There are interesting hints though. This man claimed to have re-discovered the techniques used by the ancients. Leedskalnin was extremely secretive and no one ever saw how he moved or even unloaded from the trucks the large blocks of coral that were delivered to him…’

Positive Thinking That Works
Editing Your Life’s Stories Can Create Happier Endings
‘He introduced the students to this idea by having them read accounts from other students who had struggled with grades at first and then improved. It was a 40-minute intervention that had three years later.

“‘The ones who got our little story-editing nudge improved their grades, whereas the others didn’t,” Wilson says. “And to our surprise … those who got our story-editing intervention were more likely to stay in college. The people in the control group were more likely to drop out.”

‘Similar interventions have also helped students feel like they socially at college and have helped parents to stop abusing their kids…’

F*** This Site
Are you so angry at a website you like to attack it online? F***thissite allows you to do that.
F*** This Site’s goal is to put the spotlight on the sites that contribute to the digital landfill. Marketing crapware, death by pop-up modals, horrible stock photos, frustrating interactions, being too clever for their own damn good – give them all the middle finger and place them in a list with their peers.


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