A Notable Day with My Local Government

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I went to our Manila local government (Barangay) office today to renew my Barangay ID. I need to have one so I could get all other valid IDs. I wasted about 15 minutes waiting for the ID section photographer and while I was waiting, I was thinking that this lowly clerk had to have clout to be late for the first day of office this new year. I finally asked a secretary why I have to wait for this ‘Jerome’ but before I finished my question, the secretary asked me to fill up a form. She probably felt guilty.

After submitting the form, she checked my status on her computer. Then she told me I have to get a police clearance first because I wasn’t a registered voter. I thought ‘here we go again’. If the secretary didn’t speak politely, I was ready to make a scene. While on my…

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