Everyone in North America Will Get Cancer

English: A composed satellite photograph of No...

English: A composed satellite photograph of North America in orthographic projection. The observer is centered at (40° N, 95° W), at Moon distance above the Earth. Español: Imagen de satélite de América del Norte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘If you doubt there are radioactive particulates affecting all of North America and the Northern Hemisphere, maybe you will want to become familiar with what Fairewinds Energy Education suggests, i.e., becoming a “citizen scientist.” This video is extremely helpful, and everyone reading this blog is encouraged to take 15 minutes to watch and learn, especially finding out what can be inside your home vacuum cleaner dust bag.

‘The release of radioactivity during the 1940s testing on the Nevada desert and subsequently in the Pacific Ocean released untold microsieverts into the atmosphere that travel the globe on wind and ocean currents. Most are cumulative!…’

Missouri Snow Found to Contain Radiation DOUBLE Normal Amount
‘“The radiation return from the snow precipitation is returning DOUBLE the normal background amounts. Normal background in this area is approximately 30CPM,” writes YouTube user DutchSinse, alongside a video documenting the readings.

“’This means small particles of radioactive material are indeed coming down in the precipitation. Past tests show around 30CPM in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation,” he adds, noting that snowstorms in 2012 also showed alert level radiation readings.

‘As we reported earlier, Geiger counter readings taken on a beach in San Francisco returned results five times the safe level of normal background radiation, prompting federal officials to launch an investigation…’

The Great Global Food Scam
What it means is that the last refuge of the global poor – simple, fresh, unadulterated food – is being replaced with the industrialized garbage that Americans have been fed for decades – with catastrophic results.

Want to make a huge difference
in your life and the world? Boycott industrialized food.

Do you believe that our body chemistry changes every 7 years?
Are you wondering why changes in your body suddenly started appearing? It might not happen every 7 years but it will happen. There isn’t any scientific evidence this is a fact. But here is Charlotte Bleasdale’s ‘anecdotal’ evidence: ‘Many good medical sources do simply state that at any time in your life you can become allergic to things that you were previously fine with, which I can categorically state is true!’ I also didn’t have any allergy until I turned 53.

‘Not only do the cells from some parts of your body (your bones for example) take more than 7 years to regenerate, but even if 7 was the magic number, as it’s a gradual process I don’t see why it would make such a difference, I mean, at any one time lots of your cells would still have anything up to seven years behind them.

Anecdotal ‘evidence’
‘The only reason that the 7 year body chemistry change myth intrigues me is because my big change in allergies and skin sensitivity happened when I was aged 28 and someone at my work who I was discussing my skin problems with said that she started having psoriasis flare ups really badly when she was about 28. She said it lasted for a few years and then just went away again. Just the other day somebody else mentioned that all their allergies kicked in at age 21…’


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