Is the Internet Ruining the Economy?

eweek-063012startupcities01And Will Digital Networks Ruin Us?
Lanier might be proving that the Net is making more jobs obsolete than spawning new ones.
The most important book I read in 2013 was Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future?” says Joe Nocera.

‘“The big players often gained benefits from digital networks to an amazing degree, but they were also constrained, even imprisoned, by the same dynamics.”

‘Over time, the same network efficiencies that had given them their great advantages would become the instrument of their failures. In the financial services industry, it led to the financial crisis. In the case of Wal-Mart, its adoption of technology to manage its supply chain at first reaped great benefits, but over time it cost competitors and suppliers hundreds of thousands of jobs, thus “gradually impoverishing its own customer base,” as Lanier put it to me.

‘Lanier’s final big point: that the value of these new companies comes from us. His great example here is Kodak and Instagram.

“’If Google and Facebook were smart,” he said, “they would want to enrich their own customers.”…’

SF Chronicle Proves How Important Social Media is
Newspaper to Put All Reporters Through Social Media Boot Camp
‘Audrey Cooper, the first female managing editor in the San Francisco Chronicle’s 148-year history, will require all staff to enter what is being described as a startup-style incubator. In a plush off-site office procured from the paper’s Food and Wine section, journalists will undergo two months of rigorous training — in effect, a digital and social media boot camp.

“‘The approach is novel for newspapers,” says Cooper. “It physically removes reporters from the traditional newsroom and gives them new digital metrics, such as engagement time, to judge whether their stories have reached our core audience. We also plan to use real-time monitoring of the clicks we get from social media and other referral sites, including LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit.”…’

Ask Me Anything (AMA)
TED Conversations is my favorite online forum because it’s the most responsive. But I wonder if it could beat AMA since TED convos is strict on limiting topics
‘…hundreds of people have offered themselves up to be interrogated via Reddit’s crowdsourced question-and-answer sessions. They open a new thread on the social network and say, for example, “IamA nanny for a super-rich family in China AMA!”

‘Or “I have climbed the Seven Summits (tallest peaks on all seven continents), skied to the North and South Poles, and am on the part-time faculty at West Point. Ask Me Anything.”

‘Or “IAm Siri, award-winning porn star, 2013 Top Writer on Quora, and swinger. AMA!”

‘Or “IAmA Congressman Darrell Issa, Internet defender and techie. Ask away!”

‘Then, the assembled Redditors ask whatever they want. Questions are voted up and down, and generally speaking, the most popular ones get answered. These interviews can last for as little as an hour or go on for several days…’


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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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2 Responses to Is the Internet Ruining the Economy?

  1. Yes, I buy it. Bottom up works better than trickle down.


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