Adding Human Relations to the Internet

Image of the youtube video shown whilst a user...

Image of the youtube video shown whilst a user is being rickrolled (a popular internet meme) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tip: If you want major social networks where most users value useful interactions, try TED Conversations and LinkedIn commentaries

‘If the Internet is made up of people, I don’t understand why brands use the Internet to communicate and market their products in a way that keeps them at a distance from human relations. If human relations are the essence of the social media, I don’t understand why no one is connecting and humanising instead of just sending out the same message 100 times, aiming to have an impact or simply wanting us to click on an ad in Facebook, LinkedIn or during a YouTube video.

‘How to add the human touch and understanding to the Internet
Thinking about this, I hope some of the things included here may help us to understand the term “humanise” in regard to the Internet and social media…’
how to

Sending social network invites can land you in jail
No. It’s not with Facebook. This time, it’s Google+
‘Prosecutors say Thomas Gagnon violated a restraining order by sending his former girlfriend an invitation to join his Google Plus circle.

‘Gagnon, of 10 Wilson St., Beverly, was arrested Thursday evening at his home, 90 minutes after his former girlfriend went to the police station with a printed copy of the Google Plus invitation and the restraining order.

‘Police agreed that the invitation violated the order, and obtained an arrest warrant…’

Apple’s One Day Sale in Asia for Lunar New Year
‘Available to those shopping in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, the January 10 sale will give users sales on iPads, iPhones, Macs, and other Apple Accessories. Exact discounts are unknown at this time, but shoppers should not expect a high savings. On Black Friday last year, American shoppers actually received gift cards, redeemable for more Apple goods, rather than discounts.

‘Apple also has a calendar of store events through the New Year, so if you’re located in Asia or if you’re traveling in Asia and can’t get enough of Apple, it might be worth checking out…’

What Happens When a Major Blog Links to Your Site?
‘On 10/01/13, I took this infographic from iStrategyLabs and popped it up on the Velocity Blog with some commentary. It was a pure piece of content curation and I knew that over time, it would send traffic to the blog. I paid particular attention to the headline and meta data (this is still very important!) but also ensured I added some text with key facts around the graphic as this not only adds value for the reader, but helps Google match search queries to the blog post. As I thought, the blog post did attract a lot of traffic over the year, and has been linked to many times. But it was when Buffer linked to it that cool things started to happen…
The major links increased…

‘The Buffer article was written by Belle Beth Cooper. Either Belle or Buffer must have a content syndication deal in place with a number of big blogs/websites, as Belle’s article spread across some key players in the marketing/tech publishing arena and in-turn, generated links back to Velocity:

Fast Company
The Next Web
Huffington Post

‘But did this achieve the new traffic I wanted?…’

8 Things we should know from WikiLeaks


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