Erasing the Concept of the Individual

Google and the World Brain
kotaku-ku-xlargeThere is a startling speculation (I won’t even call it a theory) the co-founder of Wired Kevin Kelly made on the issue of copyright—all authors draw their ideas from previous authors and therefore don’t own their own ideas. Jon Rappoport’s reply in Activist Post:

The move to wipe out the entire concept of the individual and erase it from human consciousness is a propaganda op. It is far easier to wield control over a group.

You might be surprised at how many people actually believe this tripe Kelly is passing along.

This could be an example of Erasing the Concept of the Individual
Real-Time Face Substitution Will Hide You In The Scariest Way Possible

TED not a recipe for ‘civilisational disaster’
‘TED started off (30 years ago) as Technology, Entertainment and Design. But today it’s expanded to include any credible topic of interest, including all areas of science, culture and public concern. If more people understood subject matter outside their main interests, even if only at a basic level, our shared conversation would be a lot more productive. TED Talks are designed to facilitate that interchange. We’re as eager as anyone to address the complexity of the world’s systems. Paradoxically, that can only be done by nurturing a form of simplicity in how we communicate about them. That’s the only way to bring to the table a wide enough mix of people. Simplicity does not have to mean dumbing down. What we’re looking for is explanatory elegance…’

Doctors Who ‘Google’ Their Patients
‘…it surprises me that more physicians don’t pause and think about what it means for the patient-doctor relationship.

‘What if one finds something that is not warm and fuzzy? I recently read about a case in which a 26-year-old woman went to a surgeon wanting to have a prophylactic double mastectomy, citing an extensive history of cancer in her family. However, she was not willing to undergo any work-up, and her medical team noted several inconsistencies in her story. When they searched online, it turned out she had set up multiple Facebook accounts soliciting donations for malignancies she never had. One page showed her with her head shaved, as if she had already undergone chemotherapy. The surgeons immediately decided to halt her care…’

You Will Not Believe This Is A Video Game
‘Yesterday, we put up a tech demo of the engine being used to generate what is frighteningly close to photo-realistic video game graphics. This is the trailer for the game based on that engine. Although it’s easier to pick apart when you’re looking at human faces, pretty much everything else is hard to separate from reality…’


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