How to Fix Common Mistakes With Writing Ideas

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‘Sometimes, bloggers think that “ideas” just means coming up with ideas for individual posts. Of course that’s important – but your ideas will also include potential ebooks, ecourses, or other digital products, plus ideas within posts (particularly list posts).

‘Here are some common mistakes bloggers make, and how to fix them…’

Using Multiple Note Apps for More Efficiency
Bakari Chavanu uses five different notebooks
‘Why? Because each has a distinct purpose or feature that helps me stay productive.

‘Before arriving at this method I used to dump all kinds of stuff into Evernote or Springpad, but a lack of order meant I would forget what I filed away in those applications. This made me dread opening Evernote because it was so bloated with documents and notes…’

I’ve already put in reserve most of what Chavanu mentioned and I only use 2 now: Notelake and Dictanote. I only need those two to blog efficiently. More of Chavanu’s post

Just another Wikimedia Etiquette Breach
Wikimedia Foundation employee ousted over paid editing
‘The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit which owns Wikipedia, has apparently terminated an employee who was engaged in editing for pay. The issue of editing for pay has been a hot topic among Wikipedia editors, and it resulted in hundreds of account terminations a few months ago.

‘The employee, Sarah Stierch, was a “program evaluation coordinator” who was often quoted by journalists writing about Wikipedia, especially on the topic of how to get more women participating as editors. She was hired by the foundation in April 2013, where she was one of about 180 employees. Before that she had a paid fellowship at the foundation, where she did things like oversee an “edit-a-thon” in which editors worked to create new articles on under-recognized female historical figures…’

Make a Secret Phone Cable Flash Drive
Make a secret storage device from an ordinary cell phone cable
Support this video and get your FREE download at

All you need for this project is:
1. A cell phone cable. I used an iPhone cable.
2. A mini Flash Drive. Mine was a Kingston 8GB DT Micro
3. An X-Acto Knife or scissors
4. Glue


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