How to Join TED Conversations

Are you bored and exasperated with your chat forums? I’ve left dozens of them and had been a regular at TED Conversations. Here’s how to join a TED convo or even start your own easily:

1. Create your account with TED
2. On the header of TED, click on TED Conversations
3. Choose what conversation topic you want to join in
4. Or start your own convo:
Click on TED Conversations then click Start a conversation
Now enjoy sensible convos

5 Skills You Need to Be a Leader at Work
‘If you’ve got your eye on a management role—especially one on the top of the totem pole—you have your work cut out for you. After all, there’s more to being a boss than, well, bossing people around.

‘You see, if you want to be a truly inspirational and effective leader, there are big picture skills you need to learn—that is, figuring out how to manage your team in a way that impacts the success of the whole company in the long run.

‘So, for all you current, developing, and hopeful leaders out there, check out this infographic for five essential skills to start (and continue!) developing…’
the skills

Moral Dilemmas in Virtual Reality
Experiment proves people aren’t so cold-blooded after all
‘The experiment has shown that participants’ behavior becomes more utilitarian (that is, they tend to minimize the number of persons killed) when they have to take a decision in Virtual Reality…

‘Critical situations in which participant’s actions lead to the death of (virtual) humans have been created for an experiment on Moral Dilemmas conducted in cooperation between the Social Neuroscience Lab of SISSA and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab of the University of Udine. The experiment is described in detail by a paper in the Social Neuroscience journal, which can be downloaded from this link:…’

Silk Road Case Looking Like Mafia Stories
2 of 3 Arrested Silk Road Ringleaders Walk Free on Bail
‘Two of the three men charged with helping to turn Silk Road into an online drug empire have been released from custody on bail.

‘The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York confirmed to Mashable that Andrew Michael Jones, charged with using the alias “Inigo,” has been released after his family posted a $1 million bond and he agreed to a number of other conditions.

‘Irish authorities released another alleged moderator, Gary Davis, who allegedly used the alias “Libertas,” on the very night he was arrested, TechCrunch reported. An anonymous source told the publication that the move clued in FBI agents as to who flew to Ireland to take Davis into custody and interrogate him, and that an extradition hearing for Davis will take place next month…’

My second Fogs submission is now published
What Hackers Do With Your Stolen Password


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