A potentially great educational tool: Code Poetry

psfk-lesliewuCode Poetry Slam Shows The Hidden Beauty Of The Medium
‘“Poems that are readable to humans AND readable to computers perform a kind of cyborg double coding (in language, double coding means a sentence that is readable in multiple languages at once),” their website explains. The winning project, “say-23″ by Leslie Wu, featured her typing and reading 16 lines of code (with the help of Google glass) that read and sang psalm 23 from the Bible.

‘While it’s difficult for someone not well-versed in code to get at the nuances of what the written form is trying to convey, the live presentation in ‘Slam’ format, by showing both the code and what results from it, could potentially be a great educational tool…’

How to Use Breaking News to Buzz Your Book
‘What happens if there’s breaking news that you can comment on? Have you ever watched a story and thought, “Wait, I could add to this conversation.” So, do you just sit by and hope someone will call you? No! You take action. But how?

‘Well, first, it’s important to get into the conversation. Especially if it’s on your topic or within your area of expertise.

‘If you can lend insight to a subject that’s being widely discussed on social media, covered on television or hotly debated on your favorite cable talk show, then it might be worth getting yourself out there.

‘Stop the Presses! Here are a few tips to hook your story to the latest breaking news topic:…’
The Future of Ink

Did Social Media Have an Effect on “Sherlock?”
‘Based off of the crime/mystery series of the well-known detective, “Sherlock” earned a strong following from its start in 2010 to now. The show is about to begin its third season on the 19th in the United States but what’s just as impressive is the creativity – and the vocal opinions – of the show’s fan base. Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat spoke about the claim that the show pulled its ideas from microblogging social website, Tumblr.  At the recent BAFTA screening, Moffat addressed a member of the audience on the matter.

“’No, we don’t get our plotlines from Tumblr,” Moffat said. This does not mean that he hasn’t visited the site at all. He made it a point to mention that he did visit the site once before and joked that it seemed like, “…a place where people who really want to kill me gather.”…’

User No Longer Able to Download Amazon’s DRM-Free .Mobi Files (Updated)
Previously purchased books on Amazon can only be accessible now through Kindle and Kindle Apps, essentially making them DRM “free.”

Ronsenfield’s subsequent call on Amazon customer service representative “Katherine” was of no help:

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