Is Dennis Rodman a True Activist?

Dennis Rodman and Andrew Jenks talk, along wit...

Dennis Rodman and Andrew Jenks talk, along with other guests, on the show on November 19, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find most articles about Rodman ridiculous so I just scan them. But finally, here’s one that is not
Was Rodman’s basketball team paid by North Korea?
‘NBA commissioner David Stern stoked the flames the other day by saying Rodman was “blinded by the payday” in visiting a “very dangerous country,” notes Bleacher Report. But Smith said he had no regrets, and got to meet North Korean citizens—including one who had never met a black man before and tried to rub the color off his hand. “Then the next day after we talked for a while, he came up to me and said he was sorry,” said Smith.

‘Dennis Rodman, who recently stirred up controversy with a trip to North Korea along with some inflammatory rhetoric, was not paid for the excursion by the Pyongyang regime, according to Rodman’s agent.

ESPN and the Associated Press has more on the story:

‘Darren Prince said the North Korean government did not finance any part of the trip, adding that Irish betting company Paddy Power PLC covered expenses for Rodman and his team of former NBA players that included Charles D. Smith, Kenny Anderson and Cliff Robinson.

‘Why is this in of itself noteworthy? For one, outgoing NBA commissioner David Stern told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Nichols that former NBA players taking part in Rodman’s basketball exhibition in North Korea were “blinded by the payday,” and that the trip hadn’t been sanctioned by the NBA…’

Can You Be a True Activist?
‘“Activism: the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.” Because all of life is impermanent, action is essential in order to influence events as they unfold. The dedication, motivation, and willingness to give so much to a cause is what defines one’s character, and it can transform or diminish the interwoven complexities that tie all living beings together. For that reason, activism can be one of the greatest gifts for others and future generations.

‘In times of injustice, activists have been recorded as the influential leaders who spurred change. And in present day, the need for vocal, passionate truthful speakers has not lessened, but only grown with worldwide insufficiency and need for alternative solutions.

‘One example of such an activist is Rob Greenfield, a passionate American adventurer, environmental activist, and entrepreneur, who has traveled the globe inspiring consumer awareness and sustainable activities…’

Is the NSA paying off Glenn Greenwald?
The issue:
‘Why has one of the chief shareholders of PayPal – a company known to cooperate with the NSA – given Glenn Greenwald and friends $250 million – yes one quarter of a billion dollars – to start a new news agency?

‘With all due respect to Greenwald, why is he so sensitive about the matter and unwilling to discuss the rather obvious conflict of interest openly?

‘There’s nothing wrong with making money. Nothing wrong with making a lot of money. But this is a little weird to say the least.
See more

People Against the NDAA
“The Resistance is Just Getting Started”
‘The number of states taking action against the indefinite detention provision contained within the National Defense Authorization Act is growing. Additionally, the strong wording of legislation, like that of New Hampshire’s bill to be introduced in early 2014, is a positive sign that the federal government is being put on notice that tyranny in America will not be tolerated. In fact, supporting such tyranny will be outright banned, and the local officers that cooperate with illegal federal dictates will be subjected to possible criminal prosecution.

‘Central to this opposition is the fine work conducted by The Tenth Amendment Center and P.A.N.D.A – People Against the NDAA. Their personal story for 2013 is available in the below chronicle from founder, Dan Johnson. It should serve as a template for the type of organization, strategy, hard work and determination that must exemplify activism as we move toward 2014. Many challenges await . . . and so do many victories…’


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