Dead People Liking Posts On Facebook

Dashburst-dislike-button-stop-sign-300x225The Mystery Of The Unintended Likes
‘Not long ago I asked people to send me screenshots of weird or suspicious behavior. I did this after noticing some bizarre things happening on Facebook —such as friends of mine showing up as “liking” things that I know they don’t like, such as liberals “liking” Mitt Romney and a guy with no car who “liked” Subaru.

‘When I contacted these people they swore they had never liked these brands, and they had no idea that this stuff was going out under their names.

‘So what is going on? Full disclosure: I’m an active Facebook user, and I really enjoy it. I use Facebook to stay in touch with my friends and family who are scattered across the country and world. I also use Facebook to promote the arts magazine I publish, Sensitive Skin.

‘The first sign I saw that something was not quite right was that after I’d spent a lot of time getting people to “like” the Sensitive Skin page, fewer and fewer people were seeing my posts…’

‘The Dark Lord of the Internet’ Used Sponsored Content As His Secret Weapon
‘What was the secret weapon of the man The Atlantic has crowned “The Dark Lord of the Internet?” Deceitful advertorials — including the kind you’ll find on reputable sites like Yahoo and MSNBC.

‘The Atlantic’s Taylor Clark tells the incredible story of Jesse Willms, a serial entrepreneur who, by age 22, built a company, Just Think Media, with $100 million in annual revenue — over twice the amount Facebook earned the year Mark Zuckerberg turned 22, Clark notes. But while Zuckerberg’s game was connecting the world, Willms’ business centered around duping people into signing up for “free-product trials” for acai supplements, teeth whiteners, and colon cleansers. Then, he automatically enrolled them in subscriptions that would charge their credit card for months on end.

‘Subscription schemes are nothing new. Willms’ real secret was getting people to sign up for all of those dubious products. Writes Clark:…’

Voice Service Provides Internet Access To The Digitally-Illiterate
‘Verbal is a audio-enabled platform that wants to give Internet access to people who don’t own computers or mobile devices.

‘While the terms ‘digital natives’ and ‘Internet Age’ are often bandied about, the truth is that they only apply to a certain sect of society. There are over 4 billion people who are still not connected to the internet, according to a report by the International Telecommunication Union, which is more than half of the world’s population. Verbal, is a new service by Flock a digital agency based in Mexico City, which gives people who either do not have access to the internet because of technology or knowledge, and connects them to the web via a regular phone.

‘With Verbal, users can access the internet using any time of phone, mobile or landline, and then use voice commands to either send emails or search for information. Key to Verbal is the fact that phones are still the primary mode of communication for people around the world. On their Kickstarter website, they explain:…’

A Smartphone Accessory That Blocks All Cellular Tracking
‘If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being constantly tracked, traced, and distracted, then this smartphone accessory is for you. The product is similar to a soft pocket-like case for your iPhone that gives you additional protection against unwarranted surveillance. Think of it as a wi-fi black hole.

‘Perfect for uncover journalists or those paranoid about the all-seeing police state, the OFF Pocket offer the following shields:…


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