Music Lyrics as Criminal Evidence

Lyrics or Lyrix?

Lyrics or Lyrix? (Photo credit: luxuryluke)

Rap Lyrics on Trial
‘Next week, the Supreme Court of New Jersey will hear a case that could help decide just that. At issue is a prosecutor’s extensive use of rap lyrics, composed by a man named Vonte Skinner, as evidence of his involvement in a 2005 shooting.

‘During Mr. Skinner’s trial in 2008, the prosecutor read the jury 13 pages of violent lyrics written by Mr. Skinner, even though all of the lyrics were composed before the shooting (in some cases, years before) and none of them mentioned the victim or specific details about the crime…’

Court Strikes Big Blow to Net Neutrality
‘A federal appeals court has struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, which prohibited Internet providers from blocking or prioritizing Web traffic.

‘The decision on Tuesday is the latest in a lengthy legal battle over whether the FCC can regulate the Internet. In an opinion written by Judge David Tatel, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia found that the network neutrality rules contradicted a previous FCC decision that put broadband companies beyond its regulatory reach…’

Just when exactly is the Senate in session?
High court skeptical of Obama recess appointment argument
‘Today, for instance, the court is considering just when a president has the right to make political appointments without Senate approval

‘Most of the U.S. Supreme Court appeared reluctant Monday to accept President Obama’s position on recess appointments, observers said.

‘Presidents since George Washington have made recess appointments when the Senate is not in session…’
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The ‘Act of God’ Law
What constitutes an Act of God?
Act of God
The law which refers to any event that occurs without human intervention or participation
A contractor was hired to build a stall near other stalls. When the first heavy rainfalls came, the stall collapsed. Not only the stall was damaged but also the goods inside. The stall owner demanded payment for damages but the builder argued that since the other stalls were not damaged, the incident was an Act of God. The stall owner brought the matter to court and the court rejected the builder’s argument. Since flood and strong winds were not present and the stall at issue was the only stall that collapsed, the judge ruled that the builder’s incompetence caused the incident.

Act of Man
Since scientists and engineers can now play God, tinker with nature, and partially alter the weather and produce or stop rain, why not create a law called Act of Man?

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