Judges approve censorship—Net neutrality is dead

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (Photo credit: thehoneybunny)

‘Today, 3 judges sided with Verizon and struck down net neutrality. Starting right now, your Internet service provider can censor, throttle, and block content however they want, while corporate websites that can pay more will be blazing fast. The FCC can stop this, but they need to hear from you…’
Tell the FCC to protect the open internet

Net Neutrality” Ruling Opens Door for 2-Tiered Internet Market
‘A two-sided market could strangle start-ups trying to compete with corporate giants for online services in education, health, entertainment, shopping, big data and so on…’

Target Data Breach Proves Credit Cards Unsafe
‘With recent data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and other popular merchants, using a credit card for shopping is beginning to seem like a Bad Idea. Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems like Google Wallet were supposed to make credit cards obsolete, but iOS devices don’t support NFC. Even in the Android realm, Google Wallet only works with specific phones…’

Gibbon: Online information in one easily accessible place
User-Generated Skills Playlists Teach Weekly Lessons On Any Subject

‘Even though the Internet is overflowing with valuable information, it’s often a challenge to find everything you need in one place. To try and solve this problem, a Netherlands-based startup called Gibbon recently launched a website which lets you create learning playlists and share them with others.

‘Founded by a programmer, designer, coder, and growth hacker, all of whom are self-taught, the team are dedicated to giving people a seamless learning experience through their site. Some of the courses already available include “User Experience Design,” “World Domination with Haskell,” and “Becoming a Better Designer.”…’


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