Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (Photo credit: thehoneybunny)

CNET’s Maggie Reardon explains what the ruling means to the average consumer — and why it really, really matters.
‘The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Tuesday struck down rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2010 meant to protect the openness of the Internet.

‘What does this ruling — and the principles of Net neutrality that it affects — mean to the average Internet user? While the legal arguments may seem complicated and arcane, the reality is that this court decision has the potential to alter the future of the Internet as we know it. Whether you think these changes will harm consumers or benefit them depends on whom you choose to believe in this ongoing debate.

‘To help readers get a better understanding of what the court’s Net neutrality decision means and to get a handle on what the potential outcomes might be, CNET has put together this FAQ…’

The Net Neutrality Nightmare Scenario
‘What if you didn’t have to pay for your data plan? What if the biggest data hogs on your phone — your music apps, your streaming video apps — didn’t count toward your monthly limit?

‘It’s an intoxicating pitch, and one you’ll hear soon. The country’s largest data providers are mulling it; their partners are figuring out how to make it work; the FCC, which is in charge of identifying downsides and regulating such things, just lost much of its ability to do so. Caught at the whirling nexus of theory and regulation and commerce, the average internet user’s fate is uncertain. But today, a new and unexpected possibility has made itself clear: We may be entering the era of sponsored data — the era of an internet that we don’t directly pay for, but that we also don’t control. It’s the old net neutrality nightmare, in other words, disguised as a gift…’

Scuba Mask Creates Own Oxygen
At least it might be good as emergency backup
‘With the Triton Oxygen Respirator, it might be possible to breathe beneath the surface of the water as if you were a fish. Requiring no bulky tank to keep your lungs pumping properly, this invention of scuba diving equipment is much more ergonomic and organic in design.

‘The regulator comprises a plastic mouthpiece that requires you to simply bite down. There are two arms that branch out to the sides of the scuba mask that have been developed to function like the efficient gills of a marine creature. The scaly texture conceals small holes in the material where water is sucked into Jeabyun Yeon’s Triton. Chambers inside separate the oxygen and release the liquid so that you can breath comfortably in the ocean…’

Tattoo by Needle and Thread
Now isn’t that safer and neater?
Artist Sews Loved Ones’ Portraits Into His Own Hands [Pics]
‘Spanish artist David Catá uses his skin as a functional canvas and creates portraits of people who have influenced or made a mark in his life by embroidering them onto the palms of his hands.

‘His ongoing series, “A Flor De Piel,” features portraits of some of his family, friends, teachers, lovers, and partners — sewn into his hands.

‘On his website, he writes (translated),

Every person that we meet makes us in some way. Their image projects on us, reminding us where we come from. Their lives turn into a part of ours. Every stitch over my skin represents them, physical pain is not a boundary, it unites us more by thinking that my hand has been marked by an affective act, by thinking that, at that time, my hand touched their hand…’
View some of his work in the gallery below

Turn a Windows 8 PC Into a Chromebook
If you want the best education-oriented OS

‘Do you prefer Google Chrome to Microsoft’s Windows 8 apps? Well, you’re in luck, even if you have a Windows 8 PC. You can swap the entire “Modern” environment for the Chrome OS desktop, hiding the Windows 8 interface entirely.

‘You can also use the Chrome desktop as just another app on Windows 8, swapping back and forth between other Windows 8 apps and the traditional desktop. That’s more practical, but where’s the fun in that?
Make Chrome Your Default Browser

‘The Chrome desktop is now available in the stable version of Chrome, so you don’t have to seek out anything special — just install Google Chrome. This still requires a full Windows 8 PC, not a Windows RT device like a Surface RT or Surface 2 — you can’t install Chrome on Windows RT…’
how to


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