Is Your Personal Autonomy Evaporating?

blogging.avnet-indexIs Technology turning us into robots?
‘Personal tech is just the shiny edge of a broader change. We are heading quickly toward an “Other Knows Best” world, in which everything and everybody second-guesses you for your own good. That may be a world of easier shopping and friction-free government, better health and safer lives (thank you, surveillance cameras). It will certainly be a world of sharply reduced personal autonomy.

‘Autonomy is often described as personal self-government, or “the condition of being self-directed,” as the philosopher Marina Oshana has put it. But after your car drives itself, your refrigerator tracks the milk and egg supply, City Hall imperceptibly nudges you towards the “right choice,” your favorite stores tell you what you want to buy, and you have outsourced your willpower to apps and wearable gadgets that tell you to eat salad and go to the gym—what is left for you to direct? The scope of self-government is shrinking, and that is going to alter people’s relationship with the state, with business, and with each other…’

10 Awful Ways Advertisers Will Harass You in the Future
Door-to-door selling is a hard job and annoys most people. Imagine how easy it is for firms to send digital adverts online. That would be more annoying

‘Adverts are a fact of life and, as people grow more and more accustomed to them, advertisers are going to have to think of increasingly underhanded and creative ways to make sure you notice them. That’s why in the very near future adverts could be …’

Socially Engineered Thinking
The Psychology of Being a “Non-Conspiracy Theorist”
‘There is a brand of people amongst us. They have no name but they exist. They are everywhere, at work, at home, at school, and in the streets, stores, and shopping malls. It is highly unlikely to not know someone who belongs in this category. It’s the so called non-conspiracy theorists. You know, the guy who tries to terminate conversations by alleging that you are nothing more than a “conspiracy theorist” and the information you share is false or not believable.

‘They had nothing to elaborate on, so the non-conspiracy theorist – whose thinking is engineered and controlled by government, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment – resorted to a socially engineered answer. For this reason it is fascinating to explore the mindset and psychology of the individuals who take this position in place of a logical stance…’

The Driver Privacy Act by Senators Hoeven and Klobuchar
Bill Ensures Personal Privacy of Automobile Data Recorder Information
greatgreygreengreasy writes for Slashdot:
‘”In 2005, then North Dakota Republican Governor John Hoeven signed into law a bill “ensuring drivers’ ownership of their EDR (Electronic Data Recorder) data.” Now as US Senator, he has teamed up with Amy Klobuchar, D-MN, to introduce similar legislation at the Federal level. “Under this legislation, EDR data could only be retrieved [for specific reasons].” The EFF has expressed concern in the past over the so-called black boxes, and their privacy implications. This legislation, however, would not address the recent revelations by a Ford executive on their access to data, since in those cases “The vehicle owner or lessee consents to the data retrieval.” The bill has gained the support of about 20 Senators so far.”…’


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