Police, Banks Help Undocumented ‘Walking ATMs’

English: Wells Fargo bank in Conrad, Montana w...

English: Wells Fargo bank in Conrad, Montana with autumn decorations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is this a miracle!? Or is this another sinister scheme?  Most banks reject undocumented citizens—people without valid IDs and documents. Then suddenly, banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Capital One are open even to undocumented immigrants. They are called  ‘Walking ATMs’ because they can’t open bank accounts and can’t leave their cash where they live because they usually share an overcrowded apartment

‘Casa de Maryland, a local advocacy group, has been holding seminars for immigrants to show them how to open bank accounts. The group brings residents together with banks like Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Capital One.

“‘Banks have been happy to partner with us,” says George Escobar, the director of health and human services for Casa de Maryland. “They have a big and easy base for them to do a lot of bank account enrollment.”

‘Because this community, a suburb of Washington, D.C., is a portal — where thousands of immigrants start when they first come to the states — new people are always coming. Escobar says his group constantly schedules new seminars. On some nights banks will enroll hundreds of new customers…’

Do Accidents Just Happen or Are They Caused?
How else will you know there’s yet another way to do it, right or almost, if you don’t go out and take a risk?

‘This morning I got my daily email news from a widely read Pakistani newspaper, where a headline read, “17 schoolchildren killed in accident”. The article is about how two large vehicles collided, one of them carrying the 17 kids destined for death today. Some say when your time comes, it was actually written sometime back by some unknown scribes. I haven’t prescribed to this thinking. The accident wasn’t an accident, just as their death wasn’t an accident; it all could have been avoided.

‘I like to think that there is more to life than just conforming to rules others set for you, whether religious, social, academic or professional. No, that does not mean I prescribe to rebellion, although I have been known to condone such acts occasionally…’

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What Makes a Killer?



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