1973 Sci-fi Movie Food Now a Reality

Cover of "Soylent Green"

Cover of Soylent Green

The word ‘soylent’ was popularized by the movie Soylent Green which was about food made from dead people
Soylent Passed $2 Million in Orders, Will Ship Next Month
‘”We have crossed 2,000,000 in revenue from over 20,000 customers, with more every day,” Rhinehart told me. “International demand is really picking up as well.”

‘This despite the fact that Soylent isn’t technically on the market yet, and has thus far only been available to beta testers. Rhinehart’s company spent much of last year tinkering with the formula—the version he tried first was deficient in sulfur, and contained since-jettisoned ingredients like cow whey. But there’s been a steadily building crescendo of publicity—both positive and negative—around the project since its inception…’

Five Ways to Persuade Anyone to Do What You Want
‘Having good persuasion skills has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. A large part of your success depends on the cooperation of other people. Influencing them to your way of thinking is now a very essential step in the fulfillment of your goals.

‘Here are 5 simple yet effective persuasion tactics you may use everyday to build loyal and lasting relationships through the power of persuasion and influence…’

Is DWYL bad for the individual and society?
The Case Against “Do What You Love”
A lot of gurus are advising us to ‘do what you love’. Should we follow the advice?

‘If you’ve ever been in a career transition, or have been a recent grad, there was probably a moment where you weren’t quite sure what was next. Usually, well-intentioned folks like to suggest that you “do what you love” (DWYL) and somehow the rest will magically follow. In Slate, Miya Tokumitsu makes her case why that advice is bad for the individual and for society:…’

New Research Says ESP Doesn’t Work
It’s just hokum, say researchers, who offer a new experiment as proof
FYI: I don’t agree with the researchers
‘The phone rings; you see the caller ID, pick it up and say, “Wow! I was just heading to the phone to call you.” Or … you close your eyes and wish as hard as you can as the batter swings, and then he hits it out of the park. Or … you have an uneasy feeling all day about your son; he comes home with a broken thumb, and you say, “Thank goodness. I thought you were going to break your arm.”

‘Did you telepathically signal your friend to call? Did your thoughts generate a home run? Did you get a glimpse of your son’s future pain? Do you have extrasensory perception? Does anyone?

‘Not that anyone who believes in ESP will believe it, but a study published January 13 in PLOS ONE, an online peer-reviewed journal, came up with an answer—a resounding “No.”…’


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