Tumblr ‘Suicide Blogs’ Blamed for Death

ibtimes-tallulah-wilsonMother Calls for End to Tumblr ‘Suicide Blogs’ Following Daughter’s Death
‘The mother of a teenage girl who committed suicide has said more action needs to be taken to stop vulnerable people viewing self-harm or ‘suicide blogs’ online.

‘Sarah Wilson, whose 15-year-old daughter Tallulah died after being hit by a train, said she felt she was unable to help her daughter after she had fallen into the “clutches of a toxic digital world”.

‘An inquest into the teenager’s death said Tallulah, from West Hampstead, north west London, died after she had an argument with her mother when she deleted her Tumblr account. The teenager died six days later on 14 October, 2012.

‘Tallulah was described as an avid user of the social media site and would post pictures of her self-harming on the blogging platform. The jury at the inquest said the Tumblr account was “very important” to Tallulah and provided her with a “medium to express herself over which she had total control”…’

Awful Comments About Childless People
People who chose to remain childless should respond to that
23 Responses to 23 Awful Statements Made to Childfree People

‘There appears to be a bizarre stigma around people – especially women – who voluntarily decide not to procreate. I asked my Twitter followers what kinds of reactions they received and got some expected answers. The Huffington Post did the same (twice) and obviously had a much bigger pool. I want to examine these responses, curated by the HuffPo, and offer responses to these harsh claims that reinforce an unnecessary stigma. (Though the HuffPo article are directed at women, specifically, I hope you don’t view this as me speaking for or on behalf of women. This is to do with all childfree people, in general, though women appear to receive the harshest due to being nothing but baby-factories, in many people’s eyes.)’
Here are my responses…’

Responses from childless people in TheDailyBeast.com
Why I Choose to Be Child-Free: Readers Share Their Stories
‘Many viewed raising a child as a significant choice, rather than simply what happens in the course of sex after marriage, and suggested that it was people who had children causally who were in fact selfish or irresponsible. As one woman wrote: “If it’s selfish to not want to bring children into the world that are unwanted, then call us selfish, but to me having children you don’t want to have is much much worse.”

‘Here, then, is a selection of the most representative and striking stories, very lightly copy-edited but otherwise as submitted—and you can share your own here or email it to us as dailybeastsubmit@gmail.com. We’ll keep reading all your submissions and share more of them here over the coming days (with the newest ones on top). To link directly to any single story, just click anywhere in the gray box surrounding each one…’

Online Education vs Traditional College
Higher education and the revolution ahead
‘This report challenges all players in the system to act boldly. Citizens need to seize the opportunity to learn and re-learn throughout their lives. University leaders need to take control of their own destiny and seize the opportunities opened by technology to offer broader, deeper and more exciting education. Each university needs to be clear with which niches or market segments it wants to serve and how. Finally, governments need to rethink their regulatory regimes for an era when university systems are global rather than national and a student’s education can take multiple paths.

‘The key messages from the report to every player in the system are that the new student consumer is king and standing still is not an option. Embracing the new opportunities set out here may be the only way to avoid the avalanche that is coming.

‘Slides summarising the key ideas addressed in the report…’

Flashmobs: Taking Over As The Newest Form Of Social Protest
‘All it took was a few dozen demonstrators, a Facebook campaign and a blast of anarco-funk music to shut down one of Rio de Janeiro’s swankiest malls on Sunday as Brazil’s protest movement shifted from the streets to the shops.

‘Shopping Leblon – a mall consisting of 200 upmarket shops, restaurants and cinemas – was closed after it became the latest target of rolezinho flashmobs.

‘Over the past month, almost a dozen malls in Brazil have been hit by the rolezinhos – gatherings of predominantly poor, black youths who party in malls usually occupied by mostly wealthy, white consumers…’


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