Another Plane Crash Caused by Pilot

wbir-1390432391000-crashIt was discovered by autopsy that the pilot was legally drunk!
‘The Canadian pilot who crashed his plane on a runway at the Nashville International Airport and went undetected for hours last year was legally drunk, according to an autopsy report issued by the state Medical Examiner.

‘The report concludes that 45-year-old Michael Callan of Windsor, Ontario, died from multiple blunt force and thermal injuries. The report states that his blood alcohol level was .081, just over Tennessee’s limit of .08.

‘The Oct. 29, 2013 crash is still under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. Jay Neylon, who is leading the investigation, said his team was still gathering data to determine how long the plane was circling the airport before it crashed…’

The first American State that will end homelessness
Did you know that there are more empty houses in the United States than there are homeless people?
‘In the past eight years, Utah has quietly reduced homelessness by 78 percent, and is on track to completely end homelessness by 2015.

‘How did this state accomplish such a noteworthy feat? Quite simply: Utah solved homelessness by giving people homes. In 2013, the state recognized that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker.

‘With this intelligence, the state began giving away apartments – with no strings attached. Each participant in Utah’s Housing First program also receives a case worker to help them become self-sufficient, but they can keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful, other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s…’
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35 Years Later, FBI Busts 5 in Goodfellas Heist
5 alleged mobsters taken into custody
‘Federal agents have charged a reputed mobster in connection with the infamous Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy International Airport in 1978.

‘As part of a series of predawn raids around the New York metro area, FBI agents arrested 78-year-old Vincent Asaro, of Howard Beach, Queens. He is said to be a ranking member of the Bonanno organized crime family.

‘Asaro was named along with his son and three other defendants in wide-ranging indictment alleging murder, robbery, extortion, arson and other crimes from the late 1960s through last year…’

Never Aired: Pentagon 9/11 Video
‘This video contains footage at the scene of the explosion at the Pentagon on 9/11, which was never aired by the criminal mainstream media. This video makes it MORE than clear that there were no remains of a plane at the scene of this crime.

‘The video also contains footage taken from a security camera at the nearby DoubleTree Hotel, which was released in 2006 and quickly aired on CNN – and just as quickly, forgotten.

‘The DoubleTree footage was released as the result of a lawsuit by –
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