Map Shows Every Airborne Plane In Real Time

theguardian-interactive-air-travel-mapImagine there’s a world war going and you’re just an ordinary but computer-savvy citizen. With this map, every citizens with a PC can now be a spy and spot enemy planes

‘In celebration of 100 years of commercial air travel, The Guardian has created a breathtaking interactive map that uses live data to show every one of the thousands of commercial planes currently in the air. These flights add up to more than half a million people in the air at any given moment, which proves just how far the industry has come since 1914…’

Are Computers Destroying Design?
Was Milton Glaser right about that?
I’m still unsure if that’s the case. What I’m sure of is computers and modern tech are robbing designers of jobs. And because of that, I wish Glaser is right lol

‘In the end, however, we need less to learn about how to make the software work and more about how to make design work!

‘I was a student of some incredible designers, but Milton Glaser, whose course I admittedly never finished, still stands out in my mind. He was not a proponent of computers for design and while we young designers using computers with Photoshop 1.5 (2.0 had LAYERS!) were confused by his dislike of computers, reasoning they were faster and cheaper for design production, he stood fast. It caused us to suspect his teaching was obsolete. I hope Milton forgives me for that statement as I was young and foolish.

‘Years later I was reading a blog rant where some designer was blasting Glaser for saying something about the computer being to design as a microwave is to gourmet cooking. Ah-HA! That’s when it hit me. Milton, more mumbling about his dislike of computers, truly saw the future of design. He just didn’t put it in a way that made sense. A quote with a moral or haiku would have been nice!…’

Can People Really Find Me Using Photos I Post Online?
It depends on what camera and its tools you are using
‘Some cameras and smart phones, but not all, can embed location data inside the EXIF. This is the 1% of the time where some people find the whole embedded EXIF data to be problematic. Sure it’s fun if you’re a professional photographer or serious hobbyist and you want to actively geotag your photos to appear on something like Flickr’s world map, but for most people the idea that the exact location (within 30 feet or so) where their photos were taken is linked to the photo is a little unsettling.

‘Here is where it pays to be aware of the capabilities of the equipment you’re shooting your photos with and to utilize tools to ensure that what your equipment is saying is happening, is actually happening…’

Join Webby Awards‘ Online Education Google+ Hangout
‘Ready to go to the head of the class? Today at 3:00 p.m. EST, join Webby Awards Executive Director David-Michel Davies and his panel of online education buffs as they give insight on the state of the industry and make bold predictions for its future.

‘This Webby Connect hangout is presented in partnership with our great friends at Vitamin T, and we urge you to join in the conversation by submitting questions on Twitter using #WebbyConnect…’


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