1984 Video of Steve Jobs’ First Public Mac Demo

mashable-mac1A Newly Discovered Footage
‘Footage of that appearance, along with the backstory of how it happened and how the event almost fell apart, are now online for the first time courtesy of Harry McCracken, TIME magazine’s editor-at-large.

“‘I would have been there, if I hadn’t blown it,” McCracken writes. “What I was doing the night that Steve Jobs came to Boston I don’t remember, but I’ve been wincing about my misplaced priorities ever since.”…’

How to cut YouTube videos down to 20 seconds and share them across the Web
‘YouTube is world’s largest video responsibility but, while it is in a league of its own, the Google-owned service hasn’t embraced the short clip style of Instagram, Vine and other popular video apps.

‘Bloop It is an app that is aiming to fill that void by letting users cut YouTube videos down to 20 seconds or less, and share them across existing social networks and its own iOS app. The process is simple, and Bloop It connects to Facebook and Twitter, and lets you email and copy links too…’

How You’re Being Watched Online
‘Yes, everything you do online is being tracked. Your searches, the videos you watch, transactions, social events, even crime. Scandalous crimes. With a little help, especially with our guides, you’re still able to remain anonymous on the Internet. But understanding how you’re being tracked is an important lesson, as are the little things you can do to maintain your privacy…’

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