Borrow Unused Wi-Fi Bandwidth Instead of Stealing

English: A photograph of a metro Wi-Fi antenna...

English: A photograph of a metro Wi-Fi antenna in Minneapolis, MN. Antennas like these are placed across a metro area to create a wireless mesh network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s getting easier to steal your neighbors’ unused Wi-Fi bandwidth
‘BeWifi makes unused bandwidth in one household available to the neighbors who need it.
A new project from Telefonica called BeWifi enables internet users to snag unused bandwidth from Wi-Fi networks running nearby. So, if you have a family of five trying to stream five different movies at the same time, and your neighbors happen to be out for the night, you and your family could borrow their unused bandwidth until the neighbors come home and log on again.

‘According to Wired UK, the technology has been in development since about 2008, and required Telefonica to build and install routers adorned with software that pools available bandwidth to make it available for all Telefonica customers in the area, through what Telefonica director of product innovation and research Pablo Rodriguez described as “a mesh to aggregate the capabilities [of the routers].”…’

Handheld Sensor Tracks Carbon Dioxide Levels Throughout the Day
Did you know that a CO2 level monitor is as important as a fire detector?
‘NODE + CO2 is a sensor module for the NODE+ bluetooth sensor platform. The CO2 module measures the Carbon Dioxide level of the air around the sensor. Using the N+Oxa app, everyone can log the CO2 level as they go about their day or when they travel. The N+Oxa app will also sync your CO2 data to the NODE Blue™ cloud server so you can access the data anywhere.

‘We are looking for funding to help us make this amazing sensor a reality. We have built working prototypes and are looking to take this sensor to production…’

How To Make Disaster Survival Gear With Common Household Items


Turn a Vintage Instamatic Camera into a Secret Video Recorder and Camera [DIY Project]
‘Do you have an old vintage camera sitting around collecting dust? Want to turn it into something awesome and useful? Then you will definitely want to take notes from today’s DIY video on hacking a vintage Instamatic camera!…’


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