Scientists Discover ‘New’ Area of Brain

The Temptation of Adam and EveNorth star is changing. Earth’s poles are shifting. Is there a cosmic connection between the three?

‘A new brain region that appears to help humans identify whether they have made bad decisions has been discovered by researchers.

‘The size and shape of a large Brussels sprout, the ball of neural tissue seems to be crucial for the kind of flexible thought that allows us to consider switching to a more promising course of action.

‘While other brain parts keep track of how well, or not, our decisions are working for us, the new structure is more outward-looking, and mulls over what we might have done instead…’

The North Star Is Changing

Earth’s poles are shifting

Semantic Memory
Definition & Examples
‘Semantic memory refers to a portion of long-term memory that processes ideas and concepts that are not drawn from personal experience. Semantic memory includes things that are common knowledge, such as the names of colors, the sounds of letters, the capitals of countries and other basic facts acquired over a lifetime…’

How verbal tics affect how you are perceived
‘They creep into your speech.  “I’m just saying…”  “To tell you the truth…” “I don’t mean to be mean, but…”  And then you deliver the blow.  “Your meal tastes awful.”  “Your presentation bombed.”  “You need to lose weight.”  Those wind-ups before the strike are called tee-ups.  We’ve been adding them to our speech for generations.  Most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it.  It can give tough judgments a veneer of politeness.  A ramp – “with all due respect” – to then take people down a notch – “you can’t go out looking like that.”   This hour, On Point: tee-ups and what they say about us…’

Famous Writer’s Sleep Habits And Literary Productivity [Infographic]
‘When do you get up in the morning? This particular infographic, done by Maria Popova at, explores this question in regard to famous writers such as Charles Darwin, Stephen King, and Sylvia Plath. It has been said that “sleep is the best creative aphrodisiac”. Dreams often speak to us in many ways – spiritually, creatively and psychologically. We are put in situations that we may never have thought of outside of a dream-state. From our sleep cycles we can tap into our unconscious minds and apply it to our daily living through creative work such as writing. In this infographic, a correlation is made between an author’s daily sleep cycle and their creative output and the awards they’ve received…’


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