Want a Faster Internet? Work in Asia

cnet-Internet_connect_speeds_by_country‘Asia is solidifying its place as the world’s epicenter for top-speed Internet access, according to the latest research from Akamai Technologies expected to be published later today.

‘The top four places, ranked by their average peak connection speeds, were in Asia. Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore had the speediest broadband, in that order, according to the study that looked at traffic flowing through Akamai’s global network from July through September. With Taiwan ranking No. 8, regions or countries in Asia made up half of the top 10…’

Google’s Street View lands in the Philippines
Google has made the landmarks of the Philippines more accessible to people around the world.

‘The Web giant announced Tuesday it has begun capturing Street View imagery from the southeast Asian nation, launching first in the capital of Manila, with an eventual expansion into the country’s more than 7,000 islands. Google offered a preview of the service through 360-degree photos captured from within Manila’s walled city of Intramuros.

‘Google’s backpack-attached Street View Trekker camera captured the full glory of historic churches and forts, including The San Agustin Church, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza San Luis Complex, and Fort Santiago…’

Implement Detection of USB-based data theft for free
‘Data breaches and the theft of intellectual property as well as personally identifiable information (PII) are one of the biggest risks that businesses face, and an area that very few security solutions address. Just last week, a consultant working for the Korea Credit Bureau was arrested for allegedly stealing the credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal details of more than 105.8 million accounts by copying them to a USB drive over an 11-month period. Other examples included the LA Times reporting that Edward Snowden used a USB drive to steal classified documents from the NSA.

‘In this blog we will discuss (and provide source code) to enable organizations to start protecting their sensitive data by harnessing intelligence from applications already running on their network. If you’re ready to dive in now- go ahead and download the queries and lookups on GitHub now…’

Host Your Own Files With FTPbox
FTPbox is an open-source application that allows you to synchronize your files to your own host, via FTP. This way, you can access your files anywhere, without having to pay for disk space on some 3rd-party website!


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