The Mystery of The Psychotic Twin Sisters

A leading criminal psychiatrist explains the difficulties the judicial system has in achieving justice and deciding punishment when dealing with mental illness. He explains the possible causes of the womens’ behaviour, and why, in his view, it could happen again.

‘In 2008, BBC cameras filmed two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into traffic on the M6. When it was shown on BBC One, nearly 7 million viewers were glued to their screens, and millions more watched it later.

‘The footage was shocking. One previewer wrote “On no account miss this documentary. It opens with what is perhaps the most extraordinary footage I’ve seen on TV”. But this amazing footage was only part of an even more incredible story, one which could not be told at the time for legal reasons…’

A Second Look At Psychopaths
It’s a body of information that explains a lot.
‘When you read the actual stories of royalty of ancient times, you’re much more likely to come across the stories of raging psychopaths than the “kindly and wise.”

‘Why is that – and how much has really changed since we all became so “modern”?…’
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Avoid Clothing Extensions on Escalators
Woman Dies After Scarf Caught on Escalator
It was an accidental death but an engineer says escalator should stop when something causes trouble
‘A 48-year-old woman died Thursday morning in the Fabre métro station after it appears her scarf and then her hair got caught in the teeth of the escalator. She was apparently strangled by her scarf.

‘The incident, which has been deemed an accident by Montreal police, occurred at 9:15 a.m. at the station on the corner of Jean Talon Street East and Fabre Street in the Villeray district, said Constable Jean-Pierre Brabant.

“’The woman’s scarf got caught in the escalator and then she bent down to try to get it out and her hair got stuck, too,” Brabant said…’


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