Growing Old Inside Your Online Network


facebook (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Is it wise to go through life without fully detaching from the past?
I turned 50 inside Facebook and almost with LinkedIn and Twitter. One of the greatest event of my life happened with that—I got reconciled with my childhood best friend, whom I lost contact with for decades, when he found me in Facebook.

If you grow old inside your network, how will it affect you? Can you create or bring advantages with that event? What happens when you extend the shelf life of a relationship well beyond its normal expiration date? Does that make our lives richer or more complicated?

Launch your Own Public Relations Campaign
A must for job seekers
‘What’s newsworthy about you? Whether you’re communicating in a cover letter, on your LinkedIn page or over coffee, your news must be authentic, and it must speak to your utility and unique characteristics. Ask yourself: What specific problems do I know how to solve? What differentiates me from the competition?

‘…effective PR isn’t about flashy stunts or press releases littered with extravagant claims; it’s simply about communicating your value to the right people. Mary Perfect might have a resume that rivals yours, but the below tips can help give you the extra edge…’
Here’s how you can leverage PR best practices

How to Avoid Legal Action from Your Online Review
‘The Internet is often idealized as an international free speech zone where individuals are free to express whatever they want without repercussions. For most people, most of the time, this is true, but recent revelations about government-sponsored surveillance programs have made it clear that what you say online can be used against you.

‘You have to worry about more than your neighborhood’s friendly spy agency. Companies are also getting in on the act, chasing down negative commenters and reviewers with threats of legal action. How serious is this problem, and what can you do to receive an unexpected letter from a lawyer?…’

Treating Environmentalists Like Terrorists
‘When Chicago Tribune reporter Will Potter went to pass out animal rights leaflets, he had no idea the FBI would single him out and pressure him to become an anti-activism informant, threatening his future if he refused. Here, we talk to the TED Fellow and author of Green is the New Red about this experience, which sent him into a whole new area of research. The crux of what he found: environmental and animal-rights activists are now considered the United States’ number-one domestic terrorism threat, and they are being prosecuted as criminals…’

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Poch is a Bookrix author and a freelance writer. He is a frequent contributor to TED Conversations.
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