Hackers Sue German Government for Helping the NSA

Acoustic coupler of the Chaos Computer Club, a...

Acoustic coupler of the Chaos Computer Club, also known under the name “Datenklo” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘On Monday, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and the International League for Human Rights (ILMR), have filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Prosecutor General’s office. The complaint is directed against the German federal government, the presidents of the German secret services, namely Bundesnachrichtendienst, Militärischer Abschirmdienst, Bundesamt für Verfassungschutz, and others. We accuse US, British and German secret agents, their supervisors, the German Minister of the Interior as well as the German Chancelor of illegal and prohibited covert intelligence activities, of aiding and abetting of those activities, of violation of the right to privacy and obstruction of justice in office by bearing and cooperating with the electronic surveillance of German citizens by NSA and GCHQ…’

If Chaos Computer Club is a hacktivist group, how come it’s publicly open?
According to FBI, hacktivists are breaking the law ‘and it’s all still illegal.’ According to Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch:
‘”When anybody breaches a network and steals data and then publicizes it—whether they’re from a foreign country and they’re using the data to help their country’s industry, they sell it as an organized crime group, or they just display it because they think the company they stole it from is acting inappropriately—the fact that the data is stolen is a violation of federal law,” he says, his voice rising with conviction. “Hacktivism is no different from organized crime groups or foreign governments. It’s the exact same activity, perhaps done for a different reason or purpose, and it’s all still illegal.”…’

Proof that Microsoft is afraid of Chromebook
Microsoft gets mom to get nasty about Chromebooks
‘Microsoft has been casting derision at Chromebooks for some time. These things are Googley and Scroogley. Honestly

‘The latest attempt sees a fine American mom who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

‘Anyway, this mother would like you to know that she has the thoughtfully-named Asus X200CA with Windows. This honestly gives her kids everything they need.

‘Not like Chromebooks, which don’t let you install Office. I wonder why that might be.

‘And mom’s Asus doesn’t need pesky things like the Internet to get things done. “So no more fighting,” is her breezy hope.

‘Well, yes, except for this bellicose ad…’

Verification Handbook
A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage
When a crisis breaks, trusted sources such as news and aid organisations must sift through and verify the mass of reports being shared and published, and report back to the public with accurate, fact-checked information. The handbook provides actionable advice to facilitate disaster preparedness in newsrooms, and best practices for how to verify and use information, photos and videos provided by the crowd.

With ManicTime, you don’t have to stop and restart your time-tracker
‘ManicTime sits in the background and records your activities, so you can just forget it is there and focus on your work. When you are finished you can use collected data to accurately keep track of your time.

‘After you have finished working, you can use MT to keep track of your hours. That means no more “punch-clock” like software, where you always forget to start or stop the clock. Just sit back and do your work. After you are finished, you can easily use collected data to accurately keep track of your time…’


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