Is Facebook Too Much of a Good Thing?


facebook (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

How the Billion-Member Social Network is Making Us Lonely
‘In some cases, Kuss says, the availability of social interaction by reading friends’ profiles rather than actually talking to them leads the user to be “effectively lurking rather than interacting…this creates a culture of voyeurism under the disguise of ‘Facebook friendship’.”

‘It has been found that young adults are particularly susceptible to having their social skills damaged by excessive Facebook use. A 2013 research paper lead by Ethan Kross from the The Institute of Social Research at The University of Michigan, concludes: “On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling [social] needs by allowing people to instantly connect.

“‘Rather than enhancing well-being, as frequent interactions with supportive ‘offline’ social networks powerfully do, the current findings demonstrate that interacting with Facebook may predict the opposite result for young adults – it may undermine it.”…’
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5 Ways Asia Saved 5 Giants of American Tech
5 of America’s biggest tech companies wouldn’t survive without Asia
Those 5 ways doesn’t include how Twitter’s most active city is Jakarta and how Asian-born engineers make up to 21 percent of the Silicon Valley workforce.

‘American internet companies are, thanks to Asia, still growing. If it weren’t for Asia, they’d be struggling to bloom. Earnings reports and the new strategy decisions of 2014 unveil a gripping reality for internet companies in America: without Asia, their profits would plummet and their investors would eat them alive. And this isn’t some claim I’m making for a few American companies here and there. This trend, for better or worse, is impacting every major tech company from Redmond to Cupertino…’
5 ways

Attempting to Code Imagination
Startups, Tech Giants Expand World of Artificial Intelligence; Software With an ‘Imagination’
‘Somewhere, in a glass building several miles outside of San Francisco, a computer is imagining what a cow looks like.

‘Its software is visualizing cows of varying sizes and poses, then drawing crude digital renderings, not from a collection of photographs, but rather from the software’s “imagination.”

‘The technology is the work of Vicarious FPC Inc., a quasi-secretive startup backed by early Facebook Inc. FB +2.07% employees and investors that is part of the rapidly expanding world of artificial intelligence. The company is weaving together bits of code inspired by the human brain, aiming to create a machine that can think like humans…’

Britain’s GCHQ victimized Anonymous supporters with DDoS attack
The GCHQ broke their own nation’s laws in order to target Anonymous
‘The latest news to come from the trove of classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor, should outrage anyone who has ever taken to the Internet in order to express their opinions or protest a cause. According to NBC News, Britain’s GCHQ has no problem using DDoS to silence your speech and limit your access to the Internet. But, if you do the same, you’re going to pay fines and face possible jail time…’
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In response to the revelations, Jake Davis (aka Topiary) told IBTimes UK:
‘”How can they even be permitted to launch these attacks at all? There’s no justification for how nonchalant a democratic government can be when they breach the very computer misuse rules they strongly pushed to set in place.”‘


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