Robots that can Feel Now Almost Real

livescience-feeling-bionic-6So do you still think computers can’t have minds of their own?
TheFirst Prosthetic Hand That Can Feel
‘Nine years ago, Dennis Aabo Sørensen severely wounded his left arm in a fireworks accident, and had to have it amputated. Now, a bionic hand has restored his ability to feel, the first time this has been reported in a scientific journal.

‘Researchers embedded electrodes in Sørensen’s arm, and touch sensors in a prosthetic hand to stimulate his remaining nerves. With the hand, Sørensen was able to recognize different objects by their feel, and grasp them appropriately, according to the study detailed online today (Feb. 5) in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

“‘I could feel things that I hadn’t been able to feel in over nine years,” Sørensen, who lives in Denmark, said in a statement…’

What Facebook Users Don’t Like About the Network
36% rants about oversharing which means at 36% are serious and discriminating.



Gatekeeper Chain
Are you tired of locking your PC with manual keystrokes? This key fob automatically locks your PC when you leave your desk
‘For some office workers the task of locking and unlocking their computer is a regular part of the job when heading AFK (away from keyboard), with the frequency often dictated by the extent of their caffeine addiction. Looking to automate this process is the team behind the GateKeeper Chain, a key fob with a built-in proximity sensor that automatically locks your PC when you walk away and then unlocks it when you return to your desk…’


So you think you know networking?
Take this quiz and learn how much you know
‘The technologies that go into networking are changing all the time, even as researchers create new ones that make the job of IT pros more challenging and more complex. It’s hard to keep up. Here’s a brief quiz on some aspects of the technologies used to build networks to see how well you’ve been refreshing your knowledge as well as some interesting non-technical tidbits. Keep track of your score and find out at the end how well you did…’


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