Staggering Textile Waste

inhabitat-donatedclothesDid you know you’re being an environmentalist just by using second-hand clothes? In Manila, we call surplus clothes shops ‘Ukay-ukay’ which I’m fond of not mainly because I want to be thrifty but because I’m more comfortable with old clothes. And the cumulative amount of clothes in those shops are staggering too and I wonder what happens to all that are finally trashed.

According to the EPA, only 15% of almost 13.1 million tons of textiles are recovered for reuse or recycling. That means roughly 11 million tons of textiles are wasted away every year! In the US, it’s estimated that the average American throws away 65 pounds of textiles every year and that nearly 48% of this is perfectly reusable. Know why is that very environmentally bad with this infographic

Did Stupid Drug Laws Kill Philip Seymour Hoffman?
That is what actor Russell Brand say: Philip Seymour Hoffman is another victim of extremely stupid drug laws
‘This is an important moment in history; we know that prohibition does not work. We know that the people who devise drug laws are out of touch and have no idea how to reach a solution. Do they even have the inclination? The fact is their methods are so gallingly ineffective that it is difficult not to deduce that they are deliberately creating the worst imaginable circumstances to maximise the harm caused by substance misuse.

‘People are going to use drugs; no self-respecting drug addict is even remotely deterred by prohibition. What prohibition achieves is an unregulated, criminal-controlled, sprawling, global mob-economy, where drug users, their families and society at large are all exposed to the worst conceivable version of this regrettably unavoidable problem…’

No Jail For Teen With ‘Affluenza’ Who Killed 4 In Crash
‘A Texas judge has rejected a request from prosecutors that she send a teenager to jail for driving drunk and causing a crash last year that killed four people and seriously wounded two others.

‘The case when the boy’s attorneys argued that the 16-year-old defendant suffered from “affluenza” — effectively, that he was coddled too much by his wealthy parents, who have never held him accountable for his actions…’

Mexico Prisoners Forced To Dig Drug Tunnel To San Diego
‘There’s always been some mystery surrounding tunnels. Diggers were thought to be well-paid cartel loyalists or, as urban legend goes, laborers killed soon after the tunnel’s completion to ensure its secrecy.

‘I met one of those 17 men who say they were kidnapped and forced to dig a tunnel last year. He says he was enslaved 35 feet below the border for months and lived to tell his side of the story — from a Tijuana prison…’
Inside Prison

Billionaires use super PACs to advance pet causes
‘Steyer, Bloomberg ranked as top two super PAC super donors in 2013
The first generation of super PACs operated as shadow party committees, embodied in American Crossroads, the pro-Republican behemoth co-founded in 2010 by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

‘Next came candidate-specific super PACs, like those that last year aided President Barack Obama and his GOP rival, Mitt Romney.

‘The latest iteration is the single-issue vanity super PAC — a group backed by a single, wealthy donor focusing on an issue of national importance, such as climate change or gun violence…’


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