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What You Learn About Tech From Watching All 456 Law & Order Episodes
‘…when computers appear on Law & Order in the early ’90s they are often not on. Who at the time would have said, “We have these new machines in the office. We only turn them on when we need to use them, and they are off the rest of the time.” The fact that computers tended to be off is only noticeable in light of today’s habit of leaving them on, even during a task that is not specifically on a computer (which may not even happen that often anyway). People’s work-streams were not computer-based, and computers only were booted up for a specific task.

‘If a character had his or her own computer, it would be located on a separate table behind his or her desk, not on the desk itself. It’s not until 1995 that the first computer makes the leap from behind the desk to its central “desktop” position we all are so familiar with today…’

Form the Habit of Exploration
‘Consider the following: the only thing you really can’t afford is not time or money, but not living your life to its full potential. Many people talk about their great ideas and their big plans for the future. Somehow, though, the future never seems to come.
Form an addicting habit of exploration

‘While working on my first idea of building a better iPhone battery case, I was employed by Microsoft, in a highly stressful and demanding environment. But I kept on exploring because I was motivated to see my ideas come to life.

‘Little by little, I developed a habit. Like a kid, enjoy the process more than the adult-conditioned outcome expectation…’
Are you fed up with Skype and Google Hangouts? aims to make it super-easy to start talking over video. Therefore, we do not require you to register an account or download anything. The link to your room is all you need to connect to those you want to talk to. All you need is yourself, someone to talk to and a supported browser.
Easy to invite anyone

You can create a room whenever you want to, and use any room name. In fact, you don’t even have to visit our front page, you can just type in ‘’ in the address bar in your browser, and you’ll enter directly into the room! Anyone who enters the same room link as you, will come into your room.

How to View Your Photos on TV
‘Whether you’re sharing photos from a recent trip or traveling down memory lane, it’s hard to do your pictures justice on your smartphone or camera’s small screen. So why not take advantage of the big screen you already have—your TV?

‘It’s easy and you probably already have everything you need. Check out the following options to start viewing your pictures and videos on your TV…’
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