The Day ‘We’ Didn’t Fight Back

mashable-fight-backI thought the major activist groups realized what their problem was and will finally do something about it. What they accomplished was produce more apathy
‘For all the activities and even websites created solely to support this idea, not one bit of it rose above the noise from the rest of the day’s news.

‘If the goal was to raise awareness, then certainly The Day We Fight Back was a flop, because it failed to live up to the “we” part. Those who did organize and fight back are the people who have already been doing so.

‘The list of supporters on is a who’s who of Internet activists and activism groups — the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF), Demand Progress, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

‘Yet for all these activists’ experience, they kind of stumbled at the finish line…’

Flappy Bird
Video game creator shuts down his creation because it became too addictive
‘Had enough of Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen? The Vietnam-based developer has spoken out for the first time since pulling the wildly popular game for iOS and Android earlier this week. In an interview with Forbes, he said the decision came because the game was so addictive that it “had become a problem.”

‘The Forbes report suggests Dong felt guilt because so many people had become addicted to the game, though his other games will remain available because they are “harmless.” Dong said his stress was so severe that he found himself unable to sleep — his anguish has certainly been visible in his recent tweets…’

61.5% of All Website Traffic not from Humans
‘Last March we published a study that showed the majority of website traffic (51%) was generated by non-human entities, 60% of which were clearly malicious. As we soon learned, these facts came as a surprise to many Internet users, for whom they served as a rare glimpse of “in between the lines” of Google Analytics.

‘Since then we were approached with numerous requests for an updated report. We were excited about the idea, but had to wait; first, to allow a significant interval between the data, and then for the implementation of new Client Classification features.

‘With all the pieces in place, we went on to collect the data for the 2013 report, which we’re presenting here today…’

Backlash slaps Microsoft’s ‘help-a-friend-dump-XP’ plea
Why is Microsoft intent on killing XP when it can continue supporting it but with a fee from its users? That way, MS will continue getting revenue from XP and stop making a fool of itself.

‘Microsoft’s appeal to its technically-advanced customers to help friends and family ditch Windows XP did not quite work out like the company had hoped.

‘Rather than jump to assist people they knew who still ran the soon-to-be-retired XP, users blasted the plea in comments appended to Microsoft’s Friday entreaty.

‘”Ummm…how about NO? Is the word ‘NO’ in Microsoft’s vocabulary?” asked Steve Chabot in one of those comments posted Sunday. “I will not advocate upgrades that require people to relearn the basics of a user interface or replace perfectly good hardware simply for the privilege of running an overblown phone OS.”…’


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