Browser Extension Identifies Plagiarized ‘Churnals’

niemanlab-churnalism2Churnals are news stories that are thin rewrites (or outright cut-and-paste copies) of press releases
‘The U.K.’s Media Standards Trust has released an updated version of Churnalism. In addition to a revamped website, the trust has also produced a Churnalism browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that checks for lazy work while you browse.

‘Now, once you’ve downloaded the extension, your browser will automatically alert you when it looks like the news article you’re reading is closely based on a press release. Much easier and more ambient than having to go to the churnalism site itself. This has also meant we can do stuff like allowing the reader to click on a highlighter pen in the plugin drop down and highlight the actual text in the news article which looks like it’s been copy-pasted…’

When Influence is Different from Fame
‘According to Ben Cobb, global content and community manager for Reebok, there are lots of ways to create an influencer program, but to find the right influencers, you have to focus on what and who you’re trying to influence. In his presentation at’s BlogWell conference, Ben shares some lessons learned from Reebok’s search for the right influencers for their Classic Leather brand.

‘Some key points from his presentation:
Fame doesn’t equal influence: Reebok learned that even though one celebrity advocate had lots of followers and the right audience, he was only influential in music, not fashion. His social media followers were put off by mentions of Reebok’s shoes where they expected to hear about hip hop.
Let your influencers have their own voice: Ben says that audiences can easily spot canned marketing material — and they’ll point it out. He recommends giving your influencers guidelines, but letting them put it in their own words and on the social platforms they feel comfortable using.
Bring them into the brand: Since the best influencers actually love and care about your brand, give them every reason to feel connected. Ben says they bring influencers to design meetings, show them how the shoes are made, and invite them to company events…’

Virgin America Helps Travelers Network With LinkedIn Connections Mid-Air
Virgin’s Here on Biz app connects travelers with others on their specific flight, as well as passengers on other Virgin crafts.

Design Proposal Creates A Wikipedia That Is More Enjoyable To Read [Pics]
Simple typography tweaks and layout changes that improve the online encyclopedia

Web Timer
Web Timer is a simple and intuitive extension that lets you keep track of how you’re spending your time on the web.
Web Timer keeps track of the tab that you are actively using and updates its stats every 3 seconds.

– Helps you visualize the time you’re spending by displaying the data in a pie chart
– Keeps track of stats for today, daily average, and all-time
– Stops counting if your machine is idle for more than 30 seconds
– Only counts time when Chrome has focus
– Shows the number of minutes spent on current website over the icon
– Easily share your Web Timer stats with friends


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