Guy Crowdfunds for $8, Gets $193 So Far Launches Kickstarter to Buy $8 Burrito, Rakes It In
Why is it that weird crowdfund projects get support while most serious ones don’t?
‘Noboru Bitoy quickly reached his goal of 8 bucks, but people wouldn’t stop donating. He is currently up to $193 in donations with 23 days left to fundraise. But Bitoy now wants to deliver more, thanks to the outpouring of monetary support he’s received. So he changed his goals up a little. Now, when you donate money to Bitoy’s venture, BetaBeat reports Bitoy will deliver on the following:

For $50, Mr. Bitoy will buy four burritos and consume them over the following days as a test “to truly see how the burrito flavor is changed when it is a leftover meal.” And for $175 pledged, he’ll devour 24 variations of a chicken burrito and included a colorful infographic to help you map the flavorful walkabout…’

The Ultimate Open-source Shoe
Foldable DIY Shoes Spur The Economies Of Impoverished Communities
‘More than a commodity, Klem is an education project. With a little training, Lee’s audience gained a valuable new skill that, aside from providing them with a basic necessity, could provide a foundation for the manufacture of future commodities. Lee decided that mass production of the shoes would only be allowed for personal use, rather than for profit, so that the shoes remain accessible to a variety of communities across the world. It will be exciting to see how different local communities take to the designs and create their own interpretations…’
i-Clue Design

How to Get Data Off an Old Hard Drive (Without Putting It in a PC)
You never know if there is an old sensitive file in your discarded hard drive
‘There’s hardly a geek, or even casual computer owner for that matter, around that doesn’t have a few old drives squirreled away. When it comes time to check them before disposing of them, it is, as you note, a big pain. Sure, you could open up your computer case and hook the drives up to your existing hardware but we prefer to avoid mucking around inside our case (and risking an electrostatic discharge in the process) unless we’re doing serious work like upgrading components. That doesn’t mean plugging those old SATA drives into the SATA headers on your motherboard (and powering a bit of power from your PSU) won’t work, but there are much better solutions around these days…’

Reasons Not to Use Open Source Software
‘The benefits of open source software are many, varied and, by now, well-known. It’s free to use. You can customize it as much as you want.

‘However, the open-source evangelist probably won’t tell you that, despite all these very real benefits, there are times when using closed-sourced, proprietary software actually makes far more business sense.

‘Here are some of the circumstances when old-fashioned proprietary products are a better business choice than open source software…’


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