Will Taxing College Graduates Fund New Students?

libcomKeep in mind first that a lot of graduates are almost starving
‘Recently, an idea has emerged with support from a motley crew of strange bedfellows on Left and Right: funding college through a tax on all college graduates. While it might sound like Grover Norquist’s worst nightmare, it’s actually an important way of addressing some of the major shortcomings of our current ‘finger-in-the-dyke’ method of paying for college. For starters, one positive endorsement of this idea is that it has been around for a long time (remember: genuinely new ideas are probably bad ideas). In 1968, Howard Glennerster, Stephen Merrett, and Gail Wilson wrote a creatively titled paper called “A Graduate Tax,” which outlined, in rough terms and old typeface, the basic arguments in favor of this financing arrangement.

‘Under a graduate tax-funded system of higher education, students would pay nothing to attend college upfront…’

Hypothermia Saves a Woman’s Life!?
The incredible story of Anna Bågenholm
‘…Eighty minutes had passed since Anna had first fallen into the water and her body was pulled clear of the stream limp and blue. She had stopped breathing and was without a pulse.

‘…The heart stuttered at first, unable to regain its own essential rhythm. But eventually electricity once again began to flow through the muscle of her heart, and this was followed by waves of contraction. At around 4 p.m. it started to beat independently for the first time in at least three hours.

‘Miraculously, Anna survived, opening her eyes for the first time after just 12 days. But she found herself paralyzed from the neck down, waking alive but quadriplegic. Later she grew angry, asking the doctors at Tromso why they had been so determined to keep her alive…’

The Sassiest Figure Skater You Probably Won’t See on Primetime
‘Perhaps it was Evgeni Plushenko’s unexpected retirement, or maybe a lack of valentine, but many of the skaters were visibly unhappy with their stumbling performances and low scores.

‘One skater, however, managed to dazzle the crowd with his sequined bodysuit, Kool-Aid hair and all-around charm. Misha Ge of Uzbekistan gave the crowd a show worthy of a rock stadium, even throwing a surprise finale to his performance of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti.”

‘The two-time Uzbekistan national champion placed 17th in Sochi, but we give him the gold medal in entertainment. Here are the glorious GIFs to prove it…’

Oversized Rats Could Take Over Earth After Next Mass Extinction
If and when this happens, the movie Ben would have predicted it


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