The Option to Bank Again at the Post Office

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropo...

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. Mortality is correlated with both income and inequality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The petition to save the Post Office and help poor families
‘President Obama was clear in his State of the Union address—Income inequality is a top priority for his administration and he’s willing to go around Congress and use executive orders to address it.

‘Well, here’s one big way he can that no one is talking about: Postal banking—Letting the Post Office offer basic banking services to customers, like low-interest savings accounts, debit cards and even some simple types of loans.

‘The United States had a postal banking service until 1967 and many countries across the world still have one today…’

A New Road Rage
‘“There is a school nearby, there are multiple residences nearby, apartment buildings, office buildings,” Pryor said. “They were all in a half-mile blast radius, what was reported would be the blast radius of hydrogen.”

‘In the end, there were no casualties, and the worst-case scenario was avoided. But as California expands its use of hydrogen-fueled cars and builds out its infrastructure for servicing those cars, more hydrogen is going to be trucked around…’

Do Athletes Live Longer?
Does an athletic lifestyle actually increase lifespan?

Craigslist Killer Even Too Evil for Satanists
‘Woman who claims to have killed at least 22 ‘isn’t one of us”
‘The 19-year-old told The Daily Item, a Pennsylvania newspaper, that she joined a satanic cult in Alaska when she was 13 and participated in several murders.

‘Miranda Barbour, who has been charged with one slaying in 2013, told the newspaper that she has been involved in  at least 22 killings.

‘But authorities haven’t corroborated her claims, and top Satanists say they have no ties to Barbour or her husband, Elytte Barbour, who is also charged in the 2013 killing of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara. Police say LaFerrara responded to a “companionship” ad placed by Miranda Barbour on Craigslist…’


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