Thai Court Sides with Protesters

Law every nation should copy

voanews-9863474F-2B7A-4708-B6D9-A028F1766287_mw1024_n_sBans violence against protesters
‘A THAI court has ordered the government not to use force against protesters who are attempting to oust the prime minister, a day after violent clashes between riot police and demonstrators left five people dead and dozens injured.

‘The decision leaves beleaguered Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with fewer options in dealing with the protesters, who have camped out for a month with virtual impunity in major intersections across the capital to press for her resignation.

‘She also faces a possible impeachment vote over accusations by the National Anti-Corruption Commission that she improperly handled an expensive rice subsidy program…’

Lotto ‘Steady Numbers’ Bet Finally Win—After 20 Years
Do you bet on the same numbers again and again? This story will give you confidence
‘An Urbandale man has been playing the same set of numbers hoping to win the Powerball jackpot for the last two decades.

‘Lottery officials said Robert Winburn’s strategy paid off during Saturday’s drawing.

‘He won a $1 million prize in the $330.8 million jackpot by matching five of the winning numbers.

‘Winburn, 49, said he assigned numbers to the letters of the alphabet and used the corresponding numbers in his last name as his Powerball numbers.  Up until this point, the strategy had netted only a $100 prize for Winburn…’
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A History of Biomaterials
‘Biomaterials are substances — synthetic or natural — that can be used to improve health, minimize suffering and improve or correct the way the body works. A suture? That’s a biomaterial. The pacemaker? Indeed. Contact lenses? Yeah, you get the idea. As technology and science have advanced, so too have the sophistication of such biomaterials and the ways that they are used. As you’ll hear in today’s talk, “A new way to grow bone,” scientists can now even use saline to create a small pocket in a person’s leg so that stem cells there grow into new bone. Another recent biomaterial advance: a lab-grown miniature brain.

‘The field of biomaterials didn’t get its name until the 1960s, but the concept of using materials strategically in the body has been around for a long time…’

Cost of South Carolina fuel plant goes up by billions of dollars — again
‘A confidential study by the Energy Department has concluded that completing a controversial nuclear fuel factory in South Carolina may cost billions of dollars more than the department has previously promised, according to government officials and industry sources briefed on its results.

‘The study, conducted for Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, also found that finishing and then operating the factory to help get rid of Cold War-era plutonium as part of a nonproliferation arrangement with Russia would likely cost a total of $25 billion to $30 billion on top of the $4 billion spent on its construction so far, the sources said…’

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