Are Millennials Dumb Slaves?

infowars-MILL-196x134‘Infowars hit the streets of the University of Texas in Austin campus this week in hopes to find Generation Y college students that could identify some of the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

‘Instead what we discovered was that millennials residing in the heart of the Lone Star State embraced the same loathsome focus on self-importance and consumerism – ideals which have helped rip the natural rights from the hearts and minds of our future leaders – as the students activist prankster Mark Dice encountered last week at the UC San Diego campus…’

How to opt out of smartphone tracking
‘Most MLA technologies operate by detecting your device’s WiFi MAC address or Bluetooth address –  a 12 digit string of letters and numbers assigned to your device by its manufacturers. You can enter your MAC address at this site to opt out of the use of your MAC address for these programs by participating companies. Enter both your WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses to ensure the opt-out is effective across all participating companies. Turning off your device’s WiFi or Bluetooth will also prevent your MAC address from being detected…’
how to

Did Facebook Buy WhatsApp as a Spying Tool?
Facebook just brought the world’s leading mobile chat company WhatsApp for $19 billion. They admit they have no idea how to make this massive acquisition profitable. So why did they do it?

Well, if the company’s real purpose is to spy on people, buying WhatsApp is the next logical step.

Masculinity is Under Attack
So the promotion of homosexuality in primary schools is not accidental
The establishment is desperately attempting to ’emasculate and disempower men in order to force women to be more dependent on the state, thereby enabling more power to be centralized and aiding the growth of big government.’

Here are ten ways in which the state has declared war on men and masculinity


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