The First US Bitcoin ATM

The bitcoin logo
So is Bitcoin legal now?
‘Starting Thursday, customers who use Bitcoins will be able to make deposits and withdrawals from a Robocoin machine located inside the Handlebar in Downtown Austin.

‘Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency that is powered by its users for peer-to-peer payments.

‘While Bitcoin is changing how users sell, buy and exchange on the Internet, Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley realized that buying and selling in real life was a challenge — hence the impetus for Robocoin.

Financial world shaken by 5 bankers’ apparent suicides
‘The apparent suicide death of the chief economist of a US investment house brings the number of financial workers who have died allegedly by their own hand to four in the last week.

’50-year-old Mike Dueker, who had worked for Russell Investment for five years, was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State, says AP…’
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Why More Americans Are Renouncing U.S. Citizenship
It hit a record high of nearly 3,000 last year and it was a sudden spike; not a gradual change

‘…The first domino fell in 2008, when federal prosecutors accused the Swiss bank UBS of helping wealthy Americans hide their money tax-free in overseas accounts. It was a big case, leading to indictments, fines and prison time.

‘The U.S. Congress wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. During the economic recession, lawmakers saw a chance to bring in massive sums of money and stop tax cheats at the same time…’

Hack your Way to Health
How to Cheat and Stay Healthy
‘…if your goal is to lose thirty pounds, or you want to pack on muscle, or you’re training for a marathon, then the rest of this article does not apply to you. In these situations, you pretty much have to be as perfect as possible. I know it stinks, but you’re the one who wants to look like a professional body builder. Not me. The same is true for people who are sick, obese, and diseased – in those circumstances you need to be perfect too – especially when faced with illness.

‘But if you’re already relatively healthy and you’re not looking to become the next runway queen, I have good news for you. You can cheat often and everything is going to be just fine…’


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