3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships

happify-Strengthen_Your_Relationships_largeBuilding the quality and quantity of your relationships
‘Certain people have a remarkable talent for translating science into practical wisdom. Chris Peterson, a positive psychology researcher who passed away in 2012, was one of these people. If asked to take the mass of research on well-being and boil it down to the most significant finding, he would say, “Other people matter.” So much of our happiness is contingent on others, whether that means savoring a meal together, laughing while reminiscing over old photo albums, or performing an act of kindness to help someone in need. Not allowing us to miss the full picture of this message, Chris often reminded his students not only that other people matter for us, but also that we are the “other people” who matter for others.

‘In honor of his message, here are three tips for building the quality and quantity of your relationships with others…’
3 ways

Parenting My Father
A brutally frank story with great lessons
‘My father has never been responsible. He never paid child support. He always lived off the grid, working under the table, and for 19 years, I never got to know him. He represents the infamous “47 percent” of Americans, who, according to Mitt Romney, never paid federal income taxes even though they were most likely capable. He’s dependent on the government, 100 percent, and I’ve only gotten to know why that’s ok just recently…’

Creative Rituals You Should Steal
‘Sustained creativity doesn’t come from a flash of brilliance or a single afternoon of inspiration. It comes from a consistent routine that serves as the bedrock for getting things done. At 99U we’ve spoken with dozens of entrepreneurs, researchers, and creatives about their unique routines. Below are some of our favorites…’

Anything You Tweet Can And Will Be Used Against You
‘Your friends know you, and they know when you’re trying to be funny. Twitter doesn’t, and a bit of misplaced sarcasm can come back to haunt you. The wrong tweet can make you look like a terrible person, and “I only meant it as a joke” sounds like a very lame excuse…’


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