Texting Makes Employees More Productive

In Twitter’s offices Mr Medvedev opened an off...
That legitimizes Twitter to be allowed at work since Twitter is virtually a texting service right?
‘Even though it might seem like smartphones would hamper workplace productivity — thanks to their ability to make telephone calls, surf the Internet and play games — they might not be the costly distraction companies think they are, according to a study by two members of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

‘”Having workers take small breaks on their phones throughout the day may positively influence their perceived well-being at the end of the workday,” said Sooyeol Kim, one of the study’s authors and a doctoral student at Kansas State University…’

Twitter The Most Foul-mouthed Network?
‘According to a recent study of 51 million tweets from 14 million users, Twitter is a haven for the  foul-mouthed. The trend starts high on Monday, and slowly winds down by Friday. Around Sunday, the cursing gets more prevalent – probably because Monday is around the corner.

‘The study also confirms that the word fuck is prevalent and versatile. The word’s 2 million plus count out-ranks the next popular word, shit, by at least a 2 to 1 margin.

‘Of course, you’re probably thinking, we curse a lot, all the time, what’s the difference with Twitter? Well, according to prior research, 0.5%-0.7% of the off-line words are typically foul while Twitter’s curse frequency is around 1.15% with about 7.73% of all tweets containing cursing…’

4 Most Common Twitter Mistakes
‘We’ve given you tips for running a business Twitter account, while pointing to mistakes businesses make while using the microblogging service. But you don’t need to be running a business to feel confused about Twitter.

‘Here are some mistakes you might be making, why they’re mistakes, and how to stop making them…’

Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know
‘Putting together a contract can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. While it would be great to be able to hire an attorney to draft or review every contract, that’s not an affordable option for most people. The good news is that even a basic agreement that you write yourself is better than having no written agreement at all, provided that it’s clear, unambiguous, and covers the essentials of your business arrangement…’
Here are a few tips that may help


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