The Problem With Any ‘Diabetic Cure’

Diabetic macular edema.

Diabetic macular edema. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The basic info which every Diabetes researcher should know
Geoff Willmetts’ comment on LinkedIn:
‘…I think the latest estimate is that there’s about a quarter million Type One diabetics in the UK. It’s rare that the diabetes kills us, just complications from other medical problems. if you’re careful with diet and exercise, the most you have to worry about is low blood sugars.

‘There tends to be a chuckle in the diabetic community when I was more active in it whenever a ‘cure’ is announced in the press because it would still take a decade of clinical tests before it would be tried on us and by that time, the press has forgotten about it and invariably it hasn’t worked. The problem with any ‘cure’ is no diabetic is alike so there’s isn’t a match for all of us.’

Sit More, And You’re More Likely To Be Disabled After Age 60
‘The more you sit, the less physically active you are, which can lead to all sorts of health problems, including an early death.

‘But too much sitting increasingly looks like a health risk all its own. Researchers at Northwestern University say that for people 60 and older, each additional hour a day spent sitting increases the risk of becoming physically disabled by about 50 percent — no matter how much exercise they get.

‘Today, over 56 million Americans have some kind of disability, according to the latest …’

12 Signs Your Health Problems are Actually Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
‘Could your health problems actually be magnesium deficiency symptoms? The symptoms can be anything from headaches to PMS. Chances are you may deficient in this mineral as according to Natural News, more than 80% of the population is not getting enough magnesium.

‘Low magnesium is often over looked, especially by doctors who rarely consider the role of nutrition and vitamins. Yet, there are hundreds of magnesium deficiency symptoms that this can cause, in addition to many diseases that can be exacerbated…’

Activism Is Destroying Monsanto and Other Corrupt Mega Corps
‘…Ultimately, we are all no longer ‘consumers’ but ‘activists’ in the sense that we can no longer sit by and watch as our food supply and freedoms are tarnished at the same time by a merger of corporate and government corruption. A merger that is historically fatal to the heartbeat of any nation that allows itself to be swallowed by the bloodthirsty psychopaths who currently hold many high level positions in both of these sectors.

‘And our activism is paying off…’


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