The Emotional Toll of Hell Beliefs

jesus-is-savior-hell_forever_and_everPeople Who Believe Hell Are Less Happy
Conservatives in religion avidly believe in hell. And when I was a conservative, I was less happy
‘Fire, brimstone, eternal suffering — hell is not a pleasant concept. But research has pointed to the societal benefits of a belief in supernatural punishment, including higher economic growth in developing countries and less crime.

‘But there are also drawbacks, even in this life. A new study links believing in hell, and perhaps even thinking about it, with lower levels of happiness and satisfaction in life…’

One Dead in Mall Monoxide Poisoning
You Could Die of CO Poisoning in any air-proof buildings
‘Huntington fire officials are blaming a faulty pipe for the carbon monoxide leak that killed a restaurant manager at Walt Whitman Mall Saturday.

‘The leak killed Legal Sea Foods manager Steven Nelson, of Copiague and sent two dozen people to the hospital to be treated for exposure. Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz says Nelson had been working in the basement when he was overcome by fumes. Berkowitz says Nelson had gone into the bathroom and the door was locked, making it difficult for people to find him…’

Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience
‘My own local Whole Foods is just a block away from the campus of Duke University. Like almost everything else near downtown Durham, N.C., it’s visited by a predominantly liberal clientele that skews academic, with more science PhDs per capita than a Mensa convention.

‘Still, there’s a lot in your average Whole Foods that’s resolutely pseudoscientific. The homeopathy section has plenty of Latin words and mathematical terms, but many of its remedies are so diluted that, statistically speaking, they may not contain a single molecule of the substance they purport to deliver. The book section—yep, Whole Foods sells books—boasts many M.D.’s among its authors, along with titles like The Coconut Oil Miracle and Herbal Medicine, Healing, and Cancer, which was written by a theologian and based on what the author calls the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System…’

Study proves since 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than all U.S. Wars combined
‘In 2012, on the PBS News Hour, Mark Shields stated that since 1968, “more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country’s history.”

‘ did a study to determine the validity of Shields’s claim. Here’s what they found via the Congressional Research Service:…’


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2 Responses to The Emotional Toll of Hell Beliefs

  1. Morgan says:

    People who believe Hell may be less happy, but its probably more about their FOCUS on Hell than their belief in it. If they believe in Hell they probably believe in Heaven ( or some other name for the opposite of Hell) and I have to wonder what science would say about people who believe in Heaven. The only difference is what they focus on and in my experience, people who believe Heaven are MUCH happier.


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